We grew us in Paradise

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How hast thou instilled thy malice into thousands, once upright and faithful, now proved false.

Hence then, and evil go with thee along thy offspring, to the place of evil, thou and thy wicked crew; here this avenging Sword begin thy doom, or some more sudden vengeance winged and precipitate thee with augmented pain.

Yet Chains in Hell, not realms expect: mean while from me returned, as erst thou saidst, from flight, this greeting on thy impious Crest receive. From his warlike toile surceased, and glad as hoping here to end intestine war, the arch foe subdued or Captive dragged in chains, with hostile frown and visage all enflamed first thus began.

Oh, you author of evil, unknown till thy revolt, unnamed, now plenteous, as thou seest these acts of hateful strife, hateful to all, though heaviest by just measure on thy self and thy adherents: how hast thou disturbed peace, and into Nature brought misery, uncreated till the crime of thy Rebellion?

Nor of renown less eager, yet by doom cancelled from sacred memory, nameless in dark oblivion let them dwell. For strength from Truth divided and from Just, Illaudable, naught merits but dispraise and ignominy, yet to glory aspires vain glorious, and through infamy seeks fame: therefore Eternal silence be their doom.

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