Begging the question

in #tao-chia3 months ago (edited)


If - by admission - "He (The Devil) is at the height of is power" and by presumption and implication of a "Devil" there must be an opposite i.e., a "God" then an omnipotent - all powerful - "God" is happily watching an evil, deceptive, manipulative - Hell bent - "Devil" reach the height of his power, and, still does nothing. So, my question is:

"What does this suggest about a "God" that watches atrocity, mayhem, death, destruction, and hell worthy trespasses - and then does nothing?"

My conclusion: If one of the last sacred promises imparted to Peter was "what ever you hold true on Earth, I (a "God") would hold true in Heaven"

Well, if that is "true" then if the Earth holds true that the Satanic darkness that descends so rapidly is a force beyond our reckoning, then this sacred promise is held that true also. Moreover, "God" and this "Devil" agree. Why, because the narrative in the "Bible" had as many loopholes as any system of domination created by MAN.

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