Stake TANGENT (TAN) Token & Earn dCITY (SIM) Token Rewards - TAN Official Update

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Hi All,
We have a few updates related to TANGENT Token comment based reward distribution & stake based reward distribution as follows:

Changed Maximum Cap of Comment Based Reward Distribution to 5%

Previously we used 10% as Comment based reward distribution maximum cap (Limit). We have changed that to the 5% & this will be the final Capped level we wish to maintain for the TANGENT project.

TANGENT Comment Based Rewards Burning Process

We have introduced 30% burning mechanism for TANGENT Comment base curation rewards. Now the Comment based reward distribution might process as follows:
  • Author Reward - 50%
  • Curation Reward - 35%
  • Burning Reward - 15%

TANGENT Stake Can Earn dCITY (SIM) Token Rewards Based on Token Stake Ranking

Now we are giving you a chance to earn dCITY (SIM) Tokens At Hive-Engine by staking TANGENT. Currently, we are sharing 25% of @thesimguru (Our Official dCITY gameplay account) daily SIM reward earning to share between Top 500 TANGENT Token Stakers as follows:

TANGENT (TAN) Minting Process

Sometimes you might know, TANGENT (TAN) Token didn't process TAN Airdrops or Bounty programs yet. We have no idea to hold any kind of Token manual minting process for TANGENT (TAN) token as well. Therefore, the TANGENT (TAN) Token Minting process will clearly depend on the daily curation reward earning of @hiveupme curator.


We will introduce Maximum Token Mint Cap (Limit) for TANGENT token via @hiveupme curation reward earning. (Probably we fix Max Mint Token Amount as 125 TAN per day)

Invest On TAN Token Is Safe?

TAN is a free token. So you can earn it freely. If you wish to invest in this token, we are strongly advising you, don't invest more than you can afford.
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