Tame the new car

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Tame the new car

If you do not drive and care for your pity, at least you will be able to maintain the status of your new car. But inside the car can have a pus. There is a problem with the internal components that were originally created to move.

The engine oil that sank underneath the engine would be in that condition all the time, and the transmission would not be so frequent in every step. As with human muscles, it is not necessary to reduce the number of times the car travels, as the muscle mass decreases rather than frequently.

Many people say that the new car should hurry to change engine oil. Even for new vehicles, you can follow the recommended replacement cycle of the vehicle manual.

If you do not remove the vinyl, moisture from the car will stay inside the vinyl, causing mold and germs to breed and causing car corrosion. In addition, static electricity generated by vinyl may cause malfunction of the vehicle electronic function. Peel it off!

Tame the new car

Shining a new car is like peeling it off before it even seats. It is recommended that the polishing process be done in time to remove any scratches on the surface.

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