10 Tallest Women Of All Times

in #tallest6 years ago

There are not too many giants these days, hence when we come across some persons with great height; we are left stunned at their growth.
Beyond fables and myths in history books. and kiddies’ stories, giants have really walked the earth and it has always been a fascinating issue. trying to decipher why these giants are not just like other humans.
Though not scientifically proven or statistically verified. there are claims that there are more male giants than females.
By nature. some claim that men turn out taller than women, especially in certain regions of the world. That said it becomes a thing of extra special interest when a woman is extremely tall.
The NBA is proof that humans can be very tall. however, there are persons that are way taller that the giants of the NBA.
Our focus is on the females who are giants. hence. below are 10 tallest women of more modern medical history.

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