2018-01-12 Friday 12PM CL: DAILY OATS: Talkatone

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Talkatone allowed me to make a phone call without a SIM card, without a phone service provider, last night. Talkatone is a phone app I found yesterday and it worked. Removed my SIM out of my Sony phone. Called my mom. Other apps failed. May also get and pay for TracFone or something because Talkatone only works when your phone has WIFI. Today, took photos of my papers, drawings, and stuff. Made 2 videos today. Which bank should I join? Trump signed something for MLK. The MSM yelled as he left, "Are you a racist?"

2018-01-12 Friday 12PM CL: DAILY OATS: Talkatone:
Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Facebook said, "Slow Down" as I uploaded photos. That message popped up dozens of times even after I was locked in the middle of an photo album upload. The warning messages were as if I was uploading one photo at a time but was uploading all of them and they should have told me no at the beginning and not at the end and they should tell me what the limit is and the rules and simply disable users from passing the limits instead.


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