Club's statistical summary - 04/28/2018

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   Promoted to Rodhium member, the versatile writer and editor, @joseph1956.

   We have 7 new applications for admission pending of resolution.

   The trailbot was quite unstable, which affected some members and part of the rewards.

   The club has a current voting power of 42,000SP, with its own trail.

   The talent club has a total of 67 official members as of today, distributed in 8 different membership ranks:
































   During the day were distributed, among its members, a total of:

Founding Partner: 1 vote - 7.10$

Red Diamond: 4 votes - 25.2$

Diamond: 3 votes - 9.80$

Rodhium: 3 votes - 5.16$

Platinum: 8 votes - 16.31$

Gold: 11 votes - 8.05$

Silver: 19 votes - 6.52$

Bronze: 15 votes - 2.97$

Support Delegation: 1 vote - 0.98$

65 votes



El "talent" ni se crea ni se destruye, se comparte! 😎

Felicitaciones @joseph1956 me alegra saber que vas avanzando, saludos @talentclub, gracias por tenernos al día de todo.

Oh mostly Spanish people...? I'm liking the club already. Haha.