Hector´s war (story)

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It is said that within all war there are thousands of personal struggles, which give color to the battles. One morning any morning, now every morning was anyone, thought Hector rising from his very carved bed. The King of Troy came slowly to the window of his beautiful room, an incandescent silver light momentarily blinded him; so that he did not look out to watch the sunrises he marveled like a child when he saw that the deity of pink fingers had slid his sublime mantle over the sky, announcing that the blond Apollo was moving forward with his chariot of fire.

Little by little the light became golden, illuminating the distant sea that Hector so well knew, there his father had taught him and his beloved brother Paris to swim, fish and sail the tall ships that the Trojans were proud of, closer to the sea were the ports where as a child he used to wait for the return of his father accompanied by his affectionate mother, it was easy to remember the sound of the seagulls looking over their heads for a glimpse of the booty that Poseidon provided each day.

He remembered vividly the first meeting he had with Achilles years ago when, devoid of experience but full of courage, he decided to face the most renowned warriors he could get, that was how the demigod Achaeus of the Golden Grebes, famous for his strength and speed, apart from endowed with an almost complete immortality, gift of his mother the goddess Thetis. Hector prepared for that encounter by training in the strongest battles and facing the strongest men Greece could offer him.


When the goddess fortune went with him, he spotted the hero Achilles strutting near a green meadow, his bravery and his manhood near the maidens of Pompeii, Hector approached him gallantly and challenged him in combat, the demigods bursting with wild laughter and pulling away from him. his face the golden threads of hair gladly accepted the challenge, sure of himself and his unmerited immortality. The then Trojan prince, desirous of battle, drew his beautiful sword carved with the finest and lethal metals that would fill with envy the same Vulcan, and attacked Achilles the one with the light feet.

The son of Tethys without losing his derisive attitude defended only with his shield, the third onslaught of Hector, Achilles attacked his right arm and forced him to bow to face the earth, he left it against the floor and returned to require to the maidens who were at their ease mocking the young prince.

The royal blood boiled in Hector's head, his pride darkened and he got up picking up the sword that was lying on the grass at the time. Achilles turned to him and sarcastically told him-son of a man when a demigod lets you live is better to pass for dead-and turned back to his laughing friends.
The challenge is still standing demigods - Hector's fury made his voice tremble - my sword will not free you from your mother

Upon hearing these words Achilles mounted in anger and left with all his strength against Hector, who was already waiting for the reaction and rejecting the direct blow with his own shield, sank with all his strength the sword in the chest of Achilles.

The Achaean hero fell, how long it was, on the green meadow, howling in pain as he tried in vain to draw the sword from his body, sunk to the hilt. Hector stood by his side and placing his left foot on the throat of Achilles he snapped: a son of man is the one who lets you live demigods, you have no place with the gods and yet you dare to make fun of men, you're not more than a buffoon caught between the game of gods and men. Having said this, Hector drew his sword from the body of the Achaean and withdrew from the battlefield.

That encounter was followed by the battle against the giants, he faced only the last two survivors of the Hecatonquiros and completely destroyed his sturdy armor with a single blow of his faithful sword, after that ending their lives was a children's game .

The Trojan king smiled as he remembered his life as a prince, battle in battle from glory to glory, right there in that room where he was, his father used to reproach him for his childish and irresponsible behavior because he left aside his training as king and the responsibilities that such position required.

Suddenly the bedroom was filled with a radiant golden light that forced him to close his eyes for a few moments, before him the air began to take shape, a beautiful and graceful silhouette of a woman was drawn to perfection, his wavy and brown hair was they found themselves gathered in two braids that, as they descended, became a single crineja with gold and emerald ornaments, their skin was white as if made of the purest ivory that the merchants could offer, the look of their green eyes was hard and beautiful as the carved glass, her garments were silk of the color of saffron and in her left hand she wore a bracelet of solid gold with rubies and emeralds that Hector himself had given her years before.

Athena, goddess of war and quick for the tricks, stood in front of him, watching her room with disdain.

My dear Hector-his cold voice echoed in the room, devoid of all human emotion-it is not like a warrior to rise from his bed to watch with longing as his land is destroyed.

My goddess -Hector recovered a little voice and making a bow to the goddess hastened to gird a nightgown- manna wisdom of you and accompany your words the very Fates ladies of fate ...
Does the great king Hector recognize a god as lord of his destiny? - Athena laughed sarcastically - I understand then why the brave Hector has not come down to demand the head of Agamemnon as a reward for all the damage they have caused in his kingdom.

It is not he who must die -Hector began to put on his war clothes- when a spoiled child dies family members cry a little, but soon they look for another child to spoil

Then - Athena narrowed her green eyes - who should die so that the whole family will disintegrate?

The good son, the true hero - the dream had already completely fled the king's mind - if we leave the demigods' mortals helpless, all the Achaeans will flee in disarray

Disturbing, intriguing theory-Athena seemed amused by the idea-then let's see what would happen if Tetis's son dies today in battle

Today? -Hector recoiled in surprise, in his hands was left the large double buckle strap that sealed his attire- is it possible that such a destination is cut today?

Leave it in my mortal hands - the goddess suddenly seemed a little tired - when you go out to the battlefield today, immediately look for the golden armor of Achilles the one with the light feet and elevate your name to the Olympus

That said, the goddess disappeared, leaving behind a wake of fragrance to fresh lilies. Hector with renewed courage took up his arms and left for the training yard, where a large and faithful army waited impatiently to go out to bathe the sand of the hated Achaean blood.
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