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There are so few fairy tales in our adult life. We can make plans for the future, live for today and wonder what will happen tomorrow. So why don't we just stop and start dreaming)


Fairy tale for adults.

Hi,I'm a Wishlist. There's a thing in Heaven. Yes, Yes, you got it right – I'm fulfilling your wishes. No, I'm not an angel, I'm a performer. Ah, the unit such, as a meat grinder, for example. Laid a piece of meat - and the output of minced meat. So do I – laid, while at the output of the embodiment.

I've been working with desires for a long time. Since we were created. And when it started, I don't remember. Probably since the Beginning of Time.

What I'm saying? I get cursed so often!!! Like, what is it happened, I did not want that. But I'll tell you what: minced meat without seasonings does not happen, right? Well, there, onion, pepper, salt... and your desires! I think one thing, say another, and have in mind and does a third. So your idea is seasoned with a lot more than!

Here is, remember, as something ordered one a good man wife. So he had a long holostyakov, and the life he was quite cheerful. But I decided now to settle down, starting a family. The thought at it was quite noble: "Here I will marry – we will help each other, support at a difficult moment, together with vicissitudes of life to fight and on an old age of years someone will give a glass of water...".  Well, the main desire-to marry, it is clear. And seasonings? He stuffed into minced meat and "vicissitudes of fate", and "difficult minutes", and "model of feeble old age" ... the Desire I fulfilled – I can not refuse, my business to embody... Only now he swears and fate, and his wife, and himself, because he, as he married, all life in a continuous struggle for survival turned.  That's how he and his wife and embody his desire in life-then shoulder to shoulder, then back to back. Clearly, he thinks marrying him was a mistake. But in fact - as ordered, and executed!

But still, I remember, was the case. A young girl about love dreamed of. Well, love is a good thing, right. But after all as she has dreamed something!!! "I want, they say, mad love, to forget about everything in the world, that as a head in the pool, that one day to another was not like, and that he did not take his eyes off me, loved me more than life, not a step away from me!". No sooner said than done. As soon as her desire reached the desired density-immediately processed. She picked the hot southern guy, handsome, brave, hot and wild. So you should see what she looks like now!!! He's jealous of her in black all the time evidence of love requires, and all his little. Love is there seriously a crazy mind there is definitely not one of passion. But as follows it!!! Everything is just done – a single step does not let her, staring. I'm afraid that's just what it comes to the latest features – in the pool with his head…

No, you do not think that all in such extremes rush. I'm the one who's been telling the stories. Not everyone has passion in tatters. But still a lot of dissatisfied!

Judge for yourself: a woman considers herself ugly, unpresentable. And every day he prays quietly: "Lord, send me a man! Even though some, though bandy-legged, though bald, even the old ones! Let on the couch with the newspaper, so be it! If only there was a man in the house! I would have created all the conditions for him to feel good! Please, God!".

 This pure prayer is always to the sky reach. Time flew, two flew, flew a hundred times... and then the desired density is formed, and it is Heavenly office it registers, and to carry signs. Now think: well, what woman would be happy if she's on the couch and settled with the newspaper bald, bandy-legged old man, but still requires constant attention! And after all itself asked!!! Although deep down I was sure that the modesty of its unearthly will give her Pryntsa on a white horse. My dears!!! Here we have a shy one for 5-balnoy the system does not evaluate! We fulfill desires-and exactly as you ordered them!

Here is one capable girl of Mature years (well, it's that 30 is coming) through special training brought the power of the mind to the heights of incredible. And sends, means, such request:"I agree to work much, let at several works, I strong, I will sustain, if only I and my future children were provided". Amen! That is Khan... Because she herself ordered this existence!!! Several works. Each has a lot of work. And heavy-because it is "strong"and " survive". And children-always remain "in the future". That's what she said! And the strength of the desire she is the envy of the street! It's spreading throughout the Universe. Try not to. Well, if she suffer-suffer, and guess another wish to send. And if not? Will it live? Only, as a rule, unhappy…

And then another clever (though clever, not ironic one bit!) decided to throw off the cross, which dragged half his life. Children like grown, her husband tortured his lack of initiative without her team not even tea to drink. Well, she also ordered desire: "I want supposedly to be the weak woman! I have already worked out, tired-deadly, let them now revolve around me." And since, as I have said, was clever – he used special methods to accelerate the fulfilment of desire. So what do you think? Suddenly, out of nowhere, she developed a severe disease. Of those, that on entire life. There she lies in the bed, "weak woman" and feels badly – after all, "deadly tired" and the family around her to twist-to twist a little, and his business. They are some sick mother did not order, life goes on! Thank God, my girls had a lot of time to lying all alone, to reconsider their erroneous beliefs and a new order you send to us. Well, everything is as it should be: estimated density of desires, endorsed, weighed the options, put in place, made changes to the script, then I was told. In General, a year later, and a trace of an incurable disease is left. And the girl now teaches others how the desire to formulate. Because as experience there is. After all, a year of harsh practice!

Daaaaa... Desire, if you think about it, a terrible thing! You can do that to yourself! And not just yourself. Here the father of the son said, "Dunce! I was your age... But you have some nonsense on my mind and hands are not the end of the inserted! You'll be a loser your whole life, a loser, an outsider!". What kind of wish is that? What if the son believes him one day? And will I have to fulfill such a "double" desire? What am I saying, "have to"? Performing! A lot of these desires!  Ask your dad why – after all, scream like a victim: "I am he did not want to! I wanted to!". And we've got interpreters and oracles not as ordered – and received.

The density of desire ... it's important! If you time after time, think, that something bad will happen, you same him its energy give, it OK with each time, all thicker becomes, increasingly the palpable! And sooner or later my meat grinder will get! And then you say, " well, I knew it..." Although in fact it should be said:"I came up with...". Here's what I suggest: if a bad thought came up, you catch and once in a good turn. Well, for example, you are afraid to fly on a plane. Terrorists, they say, and all that. And you just imagine that the terrorists-a holiday of some kind. Pilaf there, kebab, intimate conversations, Oriental dances. Not up to your plane they are now – celebrate! Wish them more happy holidays-and fly yourself quietly.

Again, the viscosity of time... I already told – from wishes to realization time must pass. Until you learn, until you specify while you sign as long as the resources of the Universe tucked up... And by the way, many of you waiting just do not know how! You don't succeed, you say, "Well, okay, not hurt something and wanted!". And if you do not hurt something and wanted the desire in the trash goes. Who will perform it, if you do not want to?  Learn to believe and wait! We're here exclusively for you, and we've got more other things to do there!


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