Quick Contest -Win SBD If You Know How This Occurred.

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I used to be well known for my contests. Quick 24 hour challenge.

When walking around the house one day.


I noticed this crazy phenomenon.

I used a cell phone to snap this photo.

I used no filters or editing devices to manipulate the photo. I did crop it to remove things in the background. I will show the uncropped photo when the contest is over.

Some clues are that it has something to do with light, so naming a light source is advisable.


-Upvote this post
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-Make a comment describing how this occurred.
-Edited comments disqualifies them as entries.

Did you ever find something random like this?

Be specific! the closest answer wins!

If someone guesses what it is, I will consider their comment a winner!


The prize is 10 SBD

The contest runs for 24 hours from initial posting.

Your entry should look something like this...


Good Luck

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Thanks for taking the time to play!

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on the Bitcoin (or another reliable decentralized) blockchain.


It could be the sunlight coming through a window, when hitting the glass it produces this shape. reflected on a wooden door.


I think its a photography of uncover wooden block which you caught wne some light is falling on it like this.

But i think you are asking about the rings appearing on the wooden surface. These rings are called as ANNULAR rings. These rings are formed due to seasonal variations. In one season the tree stores food materials and resins in abundance with a dark ring and following a starving season with a thin ring.

These are helpful in estimating the age of the tree. This study is known as dendrochronology.

I think it's a glass with water, when the light hits it makes that kind of refraction. Very similar this image.

A mi me parece que es la luz proveniente de una lampara con rendijas que le da esa forma

Entry: I think its sunlight coming through the window and then being reflected of from a body of water giving the wave effect on the wooden floor.

I think this is a part(corner spherical part) of double cart bed. Thats why we can see rings as when it got reflection from light.

Here is the pic of my guess.



Thank you

Entry : i think this is light in the church room.

that is the reflection of the flash of your phone when you focus it on a circular base (some type of iron or alunminio) of some table or chair, that reflection goes to the wooden floor and there you have that image of round light, on one side of the photo you can see another base or leg of another piece of furniture, maybe one similar to the one you used for the photo


Ah, you found the iron round thing. Extra points. Honorable mention though.

Looks like wood flooring, maybe oak or some sort of hard maple... the ring like pattern is probably from light that shines out out of the bottom of a lampshade and gets reflected off that wood floor.

Yes, this happen to me once too. When I was taking a picture the light from the source was directly on the camera lens. Because of the dispersion the light breaks and the formation of rings happen. This is due to the splitting of light when it hits the lense which act like prism and the picture becomes surrounded by the ripples of different wave length.

You will be surprised. The answer is coming soon.

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