«Take It Easy!» 🏃 contest for Actifitters on Saturday, May 11 | FREEX Tokens Giveaway To Participants!

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Dear Steemians and Actifitters, just take it easy again!

The next friendly contest for Actifitters «Take It Easy!» will take place on Saturday, May 11. And all you are very welcome to join!
#4 FREEX contest May 11.jpg

The sponsor of the contest will be again the Steem-centric cryptocurrency exchange FreedomEx.io (@freedomex).
FreedomEx banner.jpg

FreedomEx.io will give away FREEX tokens to all participants in the contest who will be able to take over 15 000 steps.

FREEX tokens are exchangeable for STEEM and other cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as FreedomEx.io and Steem Engine. At the moment 1 FREEX is traded at a price of about 1 STEEM.

So, if you are an #Actifitter you can participate in this friendly contest, but you have to prove that behind your account is a real person. It means on your Steemit page you should have at least one post with picture of your or a @dtube video in which you show your face.

Last week over 30 Actifitters participated in this contest and 26 of them were eligible to receive 3 FREEX tokens:
@alexvanaken, @axeman, @behelen, @blacklux, @blueeyes8960, @bluengel, @chesatochi, @cryptoprima, @cryptospa, @crypt-skip, @flaxz, @guurry123, @homesteadlt, @ketcom, @mickvir, @mushanov, @practicaleric, @publicumaurora, @quitterer, @silvertop, @theb0red1, @travoved, @trincowski, @vasigo, @wil.metcalfe, @yanipetkov

The rules are very simple:

  1. Until 1:00 p.m. (UTC) Saturday, May 11, you have to write in the comments under this post that you want to participate in the contest.
  2. On Saturday, May 11, at the end of the day you have to post to STEEM your Actifit Report Card for May 11, in order to prove your activity, and come back to your first comment in this post (by which you have claimed that you are going to participate in my contest) and give a link to your Actifit Report Card for May 11.
  3. All Actifitters who take over 15 K steps will receive 3 FREEX tokens for free!

That's it!

BIG THANK YOU! to @freedomex for being a supporter of the contest!

Participants in the contest will receive their FREEX tokens in their accounts on the cryptocurrency exchange FreedomEx.io. If you still don't have an account you can sign up just by e-mail. It is very easy!

I will be very thankful if you sign up via my referral link: https://auth.freedomex.io/accounts/sign_up?ref=IDEEBA3BDA8A

Good luck to all participants!

p.s. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Just write in the comments.

FEX Banner 1.jpg


Count me in brother @cryptospa

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You're in, brother!

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Thanks brother. My actifit count is 17k and here is the link of the post.


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I'm interested!

Another awesome contest! Count me in @cryptospa (:

@alexvanaken, bro! I am happy that you are in! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks bro, you too (:

15k ?? Wow. Maybe I try🤔

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Give it a try!

Posted using Partiko Android

I'll give it a try, once more. Thanks for the challenge!

Glad you will participate in the challenge! Btw, you're eligible to receive 3 FREEX for the challenge from the last weekend!

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Yes, I know but I haven't yet registered at that exchange. I'll try to do it later today.

Edit: My report is here:


I have used a secondary account since I didn't took any photos with my cellphone and also because I made the report in Portuguese.

If this is not valid, I understand... I didn't want to clutter my main account with this post. 😑

Incredible proposal and of course I will participate in this great contest.

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Thank you! Have fun!

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Glad to see you in again!

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Here's my post: https://steemit.com/actifit/@quitterer/actifit-quitterer-20190512t000550828z

I forgot to add this comment yesterday. Hope it still counts.

I’m in as always! Thanks for the invite.

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Glad to see you in, again!

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I’m gonna get it in the time !

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Thank you! You're in!

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My knee is much better I will try to participate tomorrow :)

Thank for another opportunity, this is to indicate that I will participate in tomorrow's contest.

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Thank you! Glad to see you participating again.

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Here my best for today @cryptospa, great challenge you've got going.


@cryptospa @bluengel Participate ! :) ♥♩♬

thanks for Encouraging ! ♥♬♬

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Count me in @cryptospa, this is a great initiative and take it easy.

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Thank you for another chance to get the Freex token🙏 I just checked my wallet and can confirm that I received both deposits from the last two challenges🙌. Count me in on this one too, tomorrow will be a great Caturday 👍😁

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Thank you! You're in!

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Обязательно буду участвовать!

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Registration for the contest is CLOSED! Thank you!

I will also participate 😊

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I'm in.

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Eh, I am late for this one... Been out of the loop for two weeks and am now coming back.

Just in case, here is my report for yesterday -> https://steempeak.com/actifit/@ervin-lemark/actifit-ervin-lemark-20190511t204356994z


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