🇹🇼 Dtube Taiwan Adventures: Visiting the Grand Hotel 🇹🇼

in taiwan •  9 months ago

(Click on image above to see dtube video)


The Grand Hotel opened in May 1952. Madam Chiang Song Mei-Ling, the former President's wife planned and built this place. This was Taipei's first international hotel. Over 2,000 ambassadors from all over the world have stayed at the Grand Hotel.

In 1973, international tourism started to thrive, and this building was reconstructed into a palace-style architecture.


I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful building, and I loved learning about the history. There is so much detail in the ceilings! I made a short dtube video, so you could also explore the insides of the Grand Hotel! Enjoy!



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yes ,,, i totally agree with your post a very amazing architecture, this one very unique picture @karensuestudios

Wow great Fun, looks so beautiful, I love your post so much. Thanks for sharing, but looks so beautiful.⛄😊 I want To Visit there 😊


aww thank you! :)

So much history in those wall....Beautiful traditional architecture. Splendid indeed!


thank you! :)

oh nice post
i also like to travel
this place is so beautiful
thanks for sharing a nice blog
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beautiful place
its very amazing that 2000+ great people stayed here
the place is marvelous
i am just get fond of this


Right!?! SO many people!

succesful :)

This place is beyond Amazing!!


I thought so too! :)

Greetings from Poland

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip.

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So much history in those wall....Beautiful traditional architecture. Splendid indeed i like it

All the best v nice post sherng for thanks