tagbot supports the global blacklist api

in tagbot •  4 months ago

@themarkymark has a global blacklist API supports buildawhale, minnowbooster, utopian-io, and steemcleaners blacklists.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 11.48.31 AM.png

See the full commit: 9f62883

Already deployed @creativecrypto's bot with the new version. If you're a tagbot user, just upgrade the newest version with pip:

$ (sudo) pip install steem_tagbot --upgrade

and you're all set.

Note: This feature is not optional since these blacklists are carefully curated and reliable. So, if you don't want this, just skip this update.

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Hey, I am not really a fan of automated comments and I use the #programming tag a lot. Can we have a command like !stop so it can skip commenting on author's posts by preference?

Go ahead


Creating this kind of zero value, and nonsense replies hurt the STEEM blockchain. Please, don't do that.

Merhaba hocam tagbot nedir?

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