Most Expensive Diamond

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1. The Koh-i-Noor, cost $1+ billion


2. The Cullinan I, cost $400 million


3. The Hope Diamond, cost $200+ million


4. The Centenary Diamond, cost $100 million


5. The Pink Star, cost $71.2 million


6. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond, cost $57.5 million


7. The Wittelsbach Diamond, cost $23.4 million


8. The Perfect Pink, cost $23 million


9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond, cost $20 million


10. The Heart of Eternity, cost $16 million

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so costly daimond

hello @anikaa
I have vies diamond pics in the post.
All of them are beautiful to see.
Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Glad to know that you like it. Thanks for the appreciation.

that really nice post and so much imfromative post

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i am staying :-p

Don't worry @anikaa I will gift you the heart of eternity.
ha ha ha just fun......

Your joke made my day. Thanks a lot

Expensive 😢😢

Informative post​.


Nice post... Anikaa where from

Thanks a lot. Well! I'm from Bangladesh and where are you from?

My sweet friend I'm from Pakistan.. So what do you do @anikaa

wow it's realy nice


good post



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Uncommon information thanks for your post.