Ties of life

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De mis actos no debo rendirte cuenta alguna
de mis lágrimas razones no debo hablar,
te escondes entre aquella multitud como buen ser,
resulta que la realidad da vuelta otra vez.

Pretendes señalar tu pecado contra mi
intentas desesperadamente atarme a tu juego vil,
yo en juegos de niños con juguete viejo
no suelo ir y mi sentir rendir.

Lo siento, sigue intentándolo una vez más,
sí, así es, este es un mensaje para ti,
vida inmutada que vagas por allí
destilando veneno y sucio hostil.

"... y aquello que me ataba a ti solo era un sentimiento de culpa, por haber caído solo una vez en tu juego, pero ya no más, mírame solo caminar"

English version

For my deeds I must not give you any account
of my tears I must not speak,
you hide in that crowd like a good creature,
it turns out that reality turns around again.

You pretend to point out your sin against me
you're desperately trying to tie me to your vile game,
me in children's games with old toy
I don't usually go and feel myself give up.

Sorry, keep trying one more time,
Yeah, that's right, this is a message for you,
Immuted life that you wander around.
distilling poison and hostile filth.

"... and that which bound me to you was only a feeling of guilt, for having fallen only once in your game, but no more, look at me just walk"

Parameters of the photographs:
Samsung Galaxy SM- A305G
Local length:
3.92 mm
40 - 50
1/120 s


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Great mono-macro photography!!
The water drops are clear and beautiful :)

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much.


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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

Thanks so much my sweet little pony heart blue

i love it!
Great photo :)

thx u!! :)

Droplets are really shinny and bright... because of monomad color , droplets of water are looking like shinning crystal...

Brilliant drops that reflect a lot of beauty...thank you for your beautiful comment.

Quedé enamorada de todo ;)

Me encanta que te hayas enamorado, gracias de verdad :)

Es placer es para mi disfrutar de tus palabras.

How innocent it is ~ Ties of beauty :)) Condensed image shows its splendid beauty ~ show us more

I am very happy with your comment, I feel a great gratitude, thank you for appreciating my work.

Pocas palabras pero muy ciertas... Saludos