Friends are like that

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That's a help me
Can you?
I do not help friends.
Sorry, I can not.
Are you my friend?
Do you have any doubts?
There are.
I have a doubt.
Because if you want me to be your friend
If you are thinking then help
Can not talk
Excuse me.
It's a bit awkward. But this is the truth.
What do you mean? Nothing about your words
do not understand .
If you are my friend
Do not ask for Have to claim.
Buffoon, you're so hard
Can you talk?
I did not talk hard. Yours
It is wrong to understand.
Well, sorry for the parents, help
You do not have to do it
Me You are
Let me open an ID on Facebook

  • You're a few days ago
    I opened an ID.
    What is that?
    their quarreled with.
    Are you quarreling with him again?
    Why? You know what
    Understand that someone else with him
    Does the relation come?
    Natale and so many times
    Receive the phone when he watches
    Why do not you?
    The mood was getting worse.
    Do you know why you call me?
    When you got his phone bg
    Then he was talking to me.
    You can not receive his phone again
    Call me a lot
    What are you saying?
    Yeah, that's right.
    Really talking to you? Hey, girl loves you.
    Hug Hanson and started crying
    Did it
    And said:
    You broke all my mistakes, buddy buddies.
    Cohan Tammi's
    A slap on the face with a dullness
    Said with:
    This stupid, pillar. Friends are like that.