Lebaran cake for guests visiting the house

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Are you from aceh if ,, yes ,,, you must be familiar with some of these cakes.
Aceh has a variety of cakes such as nastar, dodol, timphan, adekaknah, tape, and others.
The hereditary tradition of our ancestors has been preserved to this day.
And make it too easy-easy difficult.
How to make it very easy, the ingredients are as follows: wheat flour, purple bulbs, sugar, water salt, and many others.
first input the ingredients one by one until all the ingredients are mixed then stir all the dough to be flat
cook the dough until it becomes cooked, then remove it from the skillet. image
Lebaran in Indonesia is very comfortable because of the popularity of the population, many of them are Muslims, especially Aceh, who have received the title of the mekah porch from the outside world, therefore during the celebration of Lebanese the people of Aceh keep their friendship with other Muslims to strengthen kinship with other Muslims. image
Eid is not special for them if they do not provide various popular snacks from their respective regions, because guests are kings who must be respected
last wait until it's cold and ready to eat. image
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Wow looks crunchy.

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