Benefits of eating Purslane or Gulasiman

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Purslane or Gulasiman 

  • known as a healthy culinary plant throughout the world, and is treasured for its anti diabetic properties.
  •  scientific name ( Portulaca oleracea) 
  • G0lasiman in (tagalog)
  •  Purslane in (english)
  • Alusiman in ( bikolanos)
  • Gulasiman in (boholano)

Purslane is a very common weeds found in the Philippines in settled areas and it also occurs in all warm coutries. Here in Philippines we often ignore this weeds but in other country this weeds are expensive and goes export.  
Researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, led by Julian Weghuber PhD, investigated extracts prepared from seven different plants reported to exhibit anti-diabetic effects via GLUT4 (glucose transporter protein type 4) translocation-inducing properties. Induction of GLUT4 translocation without insulin is considered a key aspect to decrease elevated blood glucose levels in persons with diabetes.In vitro models By combining established in vitro models with modern fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy, the effect of purslane and other herb extracts on cellular glucose uptake has been studied extensively.Reducing blood glucose levelsResearchers found that only two substances, among which one is purslane extract, led to enhanced GLUT4 translocation including plasma membrane insertion, and glucose uptake in established cell models. Moreover, both extracts resulted in a distribution and clustering of GLUT4 in the plasma membrane similar to that of insulin, and appeared to reduce blood glucose levels in a living organism 

  • stimulates blood circulation
  • lower bad cholesterol
  • protect bones against osteoporosis
  • reduce inflammation of bee stings and snakebites
  • improve vision
  • the juice of the leaves is reportedly good for dysmenorrhea, dysentry, dysuria, and anthelmintic benefits
  • also has anti ulcer, anti diabetes and anti tumor properties.
  • the leaves are said to be effective against tumors, bruises, swellings, and gout and also used to washing or cleansing skin diseases like eczema, burns and other wounds for an anti hemorrhagic effects

Culinary Usage

  • Salad
  • used in soap
  • mixed dough to make bread varieties in various culture
  • stew
  • added to meat dishes as a flavorful elements

Caution : The researcher have found about Purslane is high content of oxalic acid which leads to formation of kidney stone. If you already suffer from kidney stones, avoid eating the purslane,How ever, boiling in water causes oxalic acid to be eliminated without losing of the other beneficial nutrients.

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