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Greetings to my lovers of cryptocurrencies and advanced technologies. Today, studying the forums, I discovered a new interesting large-scale project that I really liked. I wanted to share it with you. The name of the project is the Tachyon Protocol. Where the main idea is the privacy of our data on the Internet, protecting users from all possible attacks, as well as increasing the speed of work in the Internet environment. Of course, this is how I view projects on the blockchain, the project has its own unique IPX token and decentralized network. Let's see what the Tachyon Protocol offers us.


To understand the basics of the Tachyon Protocol project, we need to understand the main problems that the project is struggling with. First of all, it is cybersecurity. As we all know, standard centralized Internet networks are extremely unsafe. Any mid-level programmer can track your position and commit a hacker attack on your home or office network, which may result in the loss of your company or you.

Protecting your privacy. In addition to hacker attacks pumping out your photos and family videos. All your requests also go to the Internet, which also reveals your private information, which is not permissible.

Network interaction speed. Now the Internet, of course, reaches high speeds, but they still work on standard protocols. Tachyon Protocol - able to improve your high-speed connection. That will allow you to more quickly and privately solve your problems.

Tachyon Protocol

Decentralized Internet Protocol (Tachyon Protocol) provides a higher connection speed, complete privacy within the network, bypassing closed sites and much more.

Tachyon Protocol - To achieve excellent results, each element of the connection chain of the standard TCP / IP protocol improves. Thanks to an additional UDP layer, we get completely new results in network speed even with a weak connection.


But since the main idea of the Tachyon Protocol project is the privacy of our data on the network, they used a cryptographic protocol.ECDH is a cryptographic protocol that allows two parties with public/private key pairs on elliptic curves to obtain a common secret key using a communication channel that is not protected from listening.This secret key can be used both for encryption of the further exchange and for the formation of a new key, which can then be used for the subsequent exchange of information using symmetric encryption algorithms. This is a variation of the Diffie-Hellman protocol using elliptical cryptography.


Also, all requests sent to the network are divided into several, of course, eventually becoming the whole request. By making it impossible to track the sender data.


Tachyon Protocol also has its own unique IPX token that can be used for various user needs within the Tachyon decentralized network. For private use or trade for investment and much more. It has high transmission speed and security.

Turnkey Tachyon Protocol Solutions

Already today, users who want to try all the features of a decentralized network can do this. All you need to install the special Tachyon VPN application and you can use all the features of this private service. It will give you privacy, high-speed connections and protect against possible hacker attacks. The alpha version is only available for macOS 10.10 and higher. However, the project team is working hard for application development and for Windows.

Video presentation of the project

Tachyon Protocol (IPX)

Since this project has a product, I decided to see if it entered the cryptocurrency market. Yes, the project can already be found at He has quite a good daily turnover of $ 338,000, which is very good for a new project.


The token is also traded on the Korean Bithumb exchange, which should attract new users to invest and use the IPX token inside the network and beyond.


To store IPX tokens, you will need new wallets. The team has 3 offers where you can place your assets. You can find out more about wallets here

My opinion on the product

I am a supporter of decentralized networks and anonymity. I will protect my private information and definitely try the Tachyon Protocol product. Classic VPN does not give me complete privacy and it is often useless. In the near future, I will try to use Tachyon VPN on my tablet and I will look forward to the version for Windows. Thanks for attention.

Tachyon Protocol




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Great project, thanks for the interesting and detailed review!

Great article! The project is interesting.

The idea of ​​the platform is very relevant. An interesting and promising project.

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Great project, with great potential. I advise everyone to look at this project.