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Why are there no removable batteries?
Question of course rhetorical, but still.
For example, tablets are interesting, there were excellent models , problems with discharging simply did not exist, in the presence of a second, spare battery, but something went wrong.
I think it's all Jobs's fault :). After all, he was the one who brought in new standards, and non-removable batteries are also kind of his idea. And then all the manufacturers have adopted and repeated.


Yes, it annoys me a lot too. Previously, I had a laptop in which it was easy to change the battery and its operating time increased to several days. Now I have a tablet and I have to carry a power bank with me. In principle, I found only such a solution.

BUT most likely, non-removable batteries are made so that you can follow any person, as long as you have not removed the battery from the device, you can track your location and even in some cases listen to what you are saying

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