On request, here I am Making a High Quality T-Shirt from scratch... Today!

in t-shirt •  6 months ago

Being tall and/or fat or even too small or thin makes us fall out of the norms of the A4 society. Instead of complaining about it, I just make my own stuff, from fabric. And I will bet that my production is at least as good, if not better than anyone else. So, I hope this can inspire you to obtain more skills... whatever they may be.

Until then,
Have a good view!

@fyrstikken / @fyrst-witness

Find me on http://steemspeak.com or https://discord.gg/q5jJf5 - do not be shy, we are many people there, is an open society.

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Thanks for making the video. You make it look so easy! My lines would be so crooked if I tried sewing that fast. You weren't kidding. That's a really nice machine! Thanks for sharing your process! If you're up for, a video about how you make the pattern would be pretty helpful. Also, did you make your jacket?


it is easy. go buy 5 kilos of fabric, then make 4 shirts.
By shirt 3 and 4 you have perfected the skill, and you have fabric enough for one more shirt before you have to refill material. Can you make 10 in an hour, that is OK. 10 shirts in 40 minutes are the world record.

Best of luck!

I loved that click with your fingers that made you change clothes... T-shirt looks dope


I loved that click with
Your fingers that made you change
Clothes... T-shirt looks dope

                 - kid4life

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Haha! Awesome haiku


lovely <3

Nice innovation, I was also looking to print on the tshirts i will be making....


Yeah, many do that.

Look at Fyrst taking off his jacket. Gonna make it rain up in here!

Sewing can be fun.

Nice, if I will continue drinking beer I will have to do my own t shirts also!

I like really your t shirt.


ok im only upvoting you because your the only one here, but it hurts, but im trying to give upvotes to commentershere man, and fuuck can u PLEASE add some stuff tour comment so it feelsliek u earned the upvote? Thanks....

Just tell him WHy you liked it, do u like the stuff on the sides? Is that "cool" and "edgy" enough for you?

You could open up your own sweatshop. ;) lol jk The neck looks a bit big but otherwise the shirt looks perfectly fine. I would probably sew a needle through my finger or something. lol

Nice article on this section


I did not write an article on any section. I made a video and you obviously did not watch it.
Thanks for nothing.


Well sometimes people pray for UPVOTE they become too blind to notice the content is a video


lol is all you need


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I want to smoke what ackza is smoking.

Hey @fyrstikken, why black? Isn't that crasy hot in the country you are living?


It is a basic color. I stash up on blacks and whites when I produce batches. And I have air condition ;)

Wow seems like after the magic at 7:30 you seem to need a VIDEO editor, yeah someone on steem should apply for that :ED u could make a show out of t wher they themeslves edit everythinga nd give you teh fucking final footage LIVE on dlive over skype or some shit or just watch tehvideolive over discord togetehr and dlive it :D thatd be great

IMAGINE @fyrstikken you just have a bunch of people HERE reading THIS VERY MESSAGE make a CRAZY funny SHOW out of you


send it in and compete to have you UPVOTE it like with your MAGICAL upvotes that have RUMORED to go as High as gasp $200


his goal was to... make at least one shirt in his lifetime.


and he moved the whole nation to do the same: fabricate clothes for themselves.

Still looking for a woman like you, hahaha.

lol, the ending - "now I have to edit this" :)

Yeah, It's good concept to do something creative and sharing your creativity with us.

I have 5 year exprience of print t-shirt by scren print.this is a scren print dice

@fyrstikken i like your video this good tutorial for t-shirt making. thanks for the making this.

Great job Big guy! Looks nice:)

Wow @fyrstikken ! I had no idea how talented you are ! great job !👍✌👌👍💕


Thank you.

I did show my dog-clothes designs when I joined steem, but nobody watched them, just upvote and move on back then.


#LifeBeforeSteem @karenmckersie


That's cool! Haha looks so cute😎🐶🐕

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This is going to be awesome for sure lets see :D

You are indeed multi skilled my dear @fyrstikken ....keep up the good work and more success to you. I posted about a solid project airdrop-feel free to check it out , join it and get free crypto...more success.

That is impressive i was expecting you to just print a design on a ready made t-shirt i got more than i was expecting lol.

Nice video and nice studio.


Nice sewing skills fyrstikken, I wish I can sew, that would make repairing my worn t-shirts much easier =P Good work!

For a man who has a green screen, making a T-shirt should be a morning joke ;)

Now what art shall we put on it, @fyrstikken?

you are so skilled and creative

Bundle of talents and skills advocate you are. Thank you sir.

Humour aside, you have made a good point there @fyrstikken which is why I humbly leave a message here.

Incidentally every Monday we show what we have been up to here @needleworkmonday in all things sewing, knitting and crocheting... and we'd love to see more of your work : we totally appreciate 'hand-made' :D

Y hablas español ?

Looking good!

@fyrstikken Sir i need T-Shirt print with your name ... i hope you suport :)