Syrian children will eat blood's blood and gamblers?

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A Syrian infant died in an incredible ebb and said, 'I will tell God to the bone' and 'I will give it to God'. Another Syrian child thought it was better to die. Because, you do not have to die in heaven. Now the children of the dead children are in the gas attack. The teenage sister took the child's milk in her lap and looked silent on the sky and died silently. The only gas mask was caught in the face of the brother; So that the brother lives at least. Scientists have said that the brain works for a while after death. Its proof is this picture. Knowing that the soft sister would die, without holding the oxygen nulla herself, kept the younger brother in the face, even after her death, she did not move! The cells of the brain may be sacrificed for those who say love for others, those cells were still instructing the girl's hand to save Vieti. About 1971. A family was about to run away from the Pakistani army to escape from a flutter in a river. But the Kachuri wreck was small due to everyone was drowning. Then the teenager left her hand to reduce pressure on Kuchurivala. He is sinking silently like a Titanic hero. Survived his family.


Yemen from Arakan, Palestine to Syria, childhood festival As much as possible to kill children, they are victims of everything. When Syrians were drowning in the boat on the refugee boat, Yemen's children were killed in Saudi-American coalition bombings. When Syrian children were dying in the crossfire of the IS-rebel-Western alliance and the Syrian government forces, Yemen's children were dying in a trench on famine. Cluster bombs, chemical bombs, aircraft bombs, cannon bombs, bombardment of drones, and bombs have been discovered by the science of the West, all of which have been applied in both countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Turkish President Hart, and Assad hated his opponents. So they fight. And the children die, children, parents, brothers and sisters-friends The main victims of the world's biggest warfare are victims of war. Anyone who dies in the war, they have no parents or parents, and they even die.

Mohammed Abu Anas is running to save one of the injured children. Photo: Reuters war that ancient gambler, he can not stop. The more he gets the bigger bet than the bigger. The more he wants to win, the rate at which he wins. As long as the game is lost all the while playing the game. Who is a big war criminal than America? The beginning of the twin tower destruction. Who has no concrete proof, but the destruction is the life and future of Afghanistan and its children. Whether or not Saddam had a mass killer weapon, Iraq is dead! Democracy did not come, the demolition of the massacre after miles of Iraq's arrival, where the bodies of all the religions and castes in the communist regime were littered together and rotten from the ground. Then the Arab Middle East was tricked into the tricks of the spring. US and Britain destroyed Iraq France and Britain attacked Libyan airspace, Gaddafi killed their collaborators Gaddafi Gaddafi, Saddam was the leader of secular Arab nationalism. They have saved the country whose country has been saved from the Indo-US-Zionist Grass for many days. In the end, they too became tyrannical. The people of this country will judge it, but they are not given the opportunity. Abortion is only if Caesarean of history is aborted. Peace can not be brought by war, when will the West understand?

Genocide in Syria continues. The first names 'Moderate Rebel' rebels named. The CIA spent $ 500 million on their training. Then the raiders of the name of the ISIL are named after the Saudi-Israeli. When Russia and Bashar's government evicted them, only Kurdish rebels left hand in hand. But Syrian Kurds are not like Iraqi Kurds. They wanted autonomy, not freedom. So at the start of this month, the Syrian government forces came to the Kurdish city of Afrin when they received flowers instead of the flowers. Because, the biggest fear is the Turkish sultan Erdouan. In his dream, he started thinking of the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. If the Kurds have established an independent state in some areas of Syria, with the help of American and Syrian weaknesses? Turkey's fear is there. It will be difficult to curb Kurdish Kurds if this happens. If the so-called freedom fight of the West did not begin with the Iraq-Iran-Turkey-Syrian Kurds, the misfortune of the Kurds may be reduced further. And then Erdovan did not have the opportunity to send troops inside Syria in the name of suppressing Kurdish.

By this, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's victory was won. He could prove that Syria is a free and independent country. And Afridi's Kurds saw it as a Syrian citizen under the roof of Damascus. But the city of Manjib is now in front of the trimukhhi danger. On one side the Turkish army, on the other side, the Syrian army. US forces sit in the middle of the city Clearly, the last fight in Syria will be between the US allies and Russian-backed Syrian forces. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's mattress trampling. Protests against his corruption on the streets At that time a 'pretty short' war could give him popularity. The same thought Trump, Putin, Erdouan, everyone. The short war can take the form of a world war if it is a four-man march. Israel will not be safe in it.

The main victims of the world's biggest warfare are victims of war. Anyone who dies in the war, the father of a child or a mother and a sister, and they are dead in the same kind of tension in the Western media, the Syrian Shi


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