Syria...who controls what?

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Syria will not survive as the situation turns out to be a turning point in Syria.
At the moment, the United States, Russia, Iran, excluding non-state actors, are now in Syria
Turkey, Saudi, Israel, fighting between six and six powerful states. If there is no capability for Bashar al-Assad's rule in Syria at the end of the war, a neognession will prevail among those who will take control of the region. In the event that France starts melting here Being more complicated.
The US will probably not be able to manage an inventive way to save the Kurdish backs, and Iranian hegimony will not leave the battlefield. Several years ago, several media reports of Iran-Israel war were heard, I do not think it's actually It will happen. Iran should be as far ahead as threatening each other, in reality they respect each other very much and do not want to face each other face-to-face. NATANIAHU has imposed its downfall on the battlefield, in Kanma, but more than four four F-16s are in Syria Netanyahu will not be able to push Iran's anti-aircraft missiles

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In fact, Iran is blackmailing Bashar al-Assad. With the scope of the situation, he has established his strong position on one side in Syria, on the other hand, this strong position of Iran and its militias in the heart of the north and the Middle East of Jajratul Arab, Strategic Israel and Saudi Arabia, additional benefits to Iran in any subsequent conflict Will give
Next, Russia
Russia has two estimates. One with USA, another with Europe.
Russia has already been able to establish herself as the Middle East's deminitimate moratorium within two years, but the truth is that the CIA-Mossad root in the Middle East is deeply rooted, the Pentagon will change the status quo in the Middle East if the Pentagon gets out of control. But the US Federal Reserve is not capable of stereotyping. .
Tchaara, America is probably going to look at its War on Terrett Doctrin, a little relaxed, to look at the South China Sea. In this situation, it is not a good decision for them to spend extra in the Middle East.
Therefore, Russia will not hesitate to challenge the US monopoly in the Middle East by deploying the S-300 and the S-400 in front of Syria. Sergei Lavrov said on the day that Western
Syria has no moral barriers to the establishment of the Russian S-300 in Syria because of the attack on Syria.

Europe is very worried about Russia. It was very unexpected for Europeans to return to Russia at the fastest stage of the world. The reason for the sudden exclamation of France and Britain over Syria, Europe considers Syria its first line of defense. Many of the French analysts believe that Obama Crimea could not thus go to Russia's stomach if he pressed.
Europe is worried about the preparation of Russia's sampling around the Baltic region, they want Russia to be in trouble with Syria.
Europe's other anxiety name Erdouan
Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, Bay
The message of Kurds is not something new with the Lujiaz, but the Kurdistan name can not be created, but they are reluctant to leave Syria, Turkey and Iraq's Kurdish groups in front of Erdovan.
Russia is playing with Bashar al-Assad in the West. In fact, there is no replacement for Asad in Syria, and in the same way, it is not possible to tolerate him.
If the Assad withdraws from Syria, the West does not agree on how to deal with the jihadist groups, how it will be done in Syria, if there is any political party emerged if the Assad's fall in Syria is for Saudi and Egypt, and of course for Israel. Causes of headaches.
Again, Assad is in power, in order to remain strong in the days of the Russian position in Syria, the West has to accept one of the two unpopular circumstances.
Syria does not seem to be able to stand as a nation-state in all the many State Acts and non-state actors.
Erdovan won the elections in early elections, with the possibility of northern Syria going under the influence of Turkey, Turkey's confrontation with the US-Kurdish alliance could come in eastern Syria. It is not clear how much the EU will give to Turkey here.
But if Erdouan does not come to power in the election, then Trouk himself is unlikely to withdraw from Syria's soil. Free Syrian Army will not last long without the help of Tursk.
In that case, Bashar al-Assad will face a new fight against the Kurds.
Therefore, it is very unlikely to protect the integrity of Syria. Hafez al-Assad has endured unbroken Syria against civil war in many attempts, Asad could not.
Impact in the Middle East without the control of Syria is impossible. The future of Syria will survive in the days of the future, much depends on the future of the Middle East.


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