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There are too much interests, everyone is lying for bis interists. Poor people of Syria and the whole hat zone there. 🔥

This whole idea Assad used chemical weapons on his people makes no sense. The idea that Putin poisoned the two Russian in England makes no sense. In my mind this is clearly a propaganda campaign against Russia. These missile attacks in Syria are just a cover to show the sleeping Americans that we care.

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Now Playing on DTube: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Denounces the White Helmets As "A Fake Organization That Is Openly Creating Propaganda To Hide Some Terrorists That Are Working In That Part Of The World. That's My Belief."

I doubt Assad laughs very frequently. I believe in good and evil, but don't know anymore how to tell who's what. So I don't judge or say, just watch and try to be as good a person as I can. Thank you for your activism and helping to give information. Hoping for the best. Peace and good-will.

Well this make me laugh when I saw laughing assad. If mission is really complete then its worth to laugh hehehe.

The groups responsible for using the chemical weapons are the rebels.
Trump is wrong in bombing Syria and he is going the regret the consequences of his actions.

The fact that Russia has not retaliated yet bodes well for Q's statement. I'm not a big believer of Q, never have been, but if this holds true, it gives Q a ton of credibility.

These ZIONIST bitches are IDIOTS❗️How did they hatch this horrible plan ❓Was it from one of their SHIT movies⁉️I don’t think they know how much they’re pissing OFF the population . But if the economy collapses we all know who’s responsible , and we’ll be looking for them . #GANG BANG THE GLOBALIST ❗️🧐 Thank you 🙏 for your work . I am now subscribed 👏👍

A stupid man broke his country
Lion without beard

Nothing but the truth avert the impending doom on earth. Syria is the fall guy today, it might be another country tomorrow. The whole of the middle east now seem like pawns in the chess of superpowers. Well done for this good perspective. Im going to resteem this.