Syria Strike and War - Any chance this is about OIL?

in syria •  8 months ago

You've got to wonder... is this war about oil?

Seems many of the conflicts in the Middle East have been, mainly, about oil.

Was Trump persuaded that we either take action to control Syria - or we lose a major source of oil and collapse our economy?

There are a lot of moving parts to this puzzle, in which the "petro dollar" is being challenged - by the petro yuan. China wants to buy oil, using the Chinese yuan, and the yuan may be exchangeable for gold. Russia wants control of Middle Eastern oil and Russia's association with Syria could threaten the energy source for the US and European countries.

There are a lot of things to consider, when looking at Iran's oil production, a pipeline through Syria, Russia's access to oil, China, pricing of oil in the Chinese Yuan vs the US Dollar and more.

Many moving parts and hard to make all the connections.

So, going back to the main question. Does this war have anything to do with protecting the supply of oil?

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