The War in Syria; Has It Ended Now ?!!

in #syria3 years ago

Hello !!!
The war in Syria has happened till now. The extreme thing caused by the war is the horrified effect toward the Syrian people. The war has gotten many victims of every things, including the deaths of people, the decay of buildings; school, the places of worship, departments, and etc. Followings are the decays caused by the Syria war, including:



》First Decay
The first picture refers to the decay of the heavy military vehicle. It is the extreme loss not only for the opposition but also for the government troop. But, the picture above is had by the Russia military bombed by the Turkish plane. Actually, it makes the Russia military getting the extreme loss.


》Second Decay
The picture about the decay of public buildings. It is very horrible. The military attacks the buildings lived by the people. Actually, it causes the victims of children. If the war still happens till now. Is the God angry by sending the virus soldiers to punish the the greed of people?. May it refers to that.

May the war will end happily. But, i should say the war will not end happily but sadly. The thing should i argue is that we live for the happiness and the harmonious life. Please, stop the war or the God will be angry !!!

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