The Horrific War of Syria

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The war has began for approximately 9 years. Obviously, it makes many damages in several things/sectors, including the life, the victims, the building defect, and etc. The victims have consist of 384.000 deaths. The deaths are dominated by the society, the soldiers of Syria government/ Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the jihadist/mujahideen (Free Syrian Army), the Turkish soldiers, the Russia soldiers, the members of ISIS (Syria-Irak), the Kurdish soldiers, and the Iran soldiers.

There are the three point powers in Syria territory, namely the territory of Jihadist, the territory of ISIS, the territory of Syrian government (Assad), and the territory of Kurdish people. The territory of Jihadists (Free Syrian Army) are backed and supported by the power of Turkish army. Turkish has supported the groups, giving many heavy war vehicles and the various heavy weapons. Why has Turkey supported the jihadist?. Because, Turkey's territory are afraid of being attacked by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Syrian and It is to anticipate the Kurdish terrorists attacking the territory of Turkey. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by Russian army, Chinese army, and Iran army has gotten the advance massively. They can reach many important territories in Syria because they have been backed and supported by many soldiers of Iran, Russia, and China. Moreover, they are really supported by many weapons having the high technology.

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Yes obviously they (Syrian people) cannot live happily if the war still happens till now

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Yes i do agree with you opinion

I think it is caused by different ideology growing in Syria

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I dont understand what happens in Syria but the press or the media rarely explain the real situation in Syria till now

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Nice post. I like it

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