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VeteransToday.com is a great and informative site in this age of disinformation. However, Facebook seems to no longer allow you to post articles from this site, even if you cut & paste the link and/or use a shortened URL. This is the notification that Facebook gives you after a pasting of a link from Veterans Today site, in Facebook:

The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:


Please remove this link to continue.
If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

However, even if you try to post their own notification you get the same message and get blocked from posting it, because in the message "veteranstoday.com" is included.

For more information on why facebook is censoring Veterans Today, listen to Gordon Duff on the Kevin Barrett show, on Patreon OR listen to show on Veterans Today.

Gordon says, Facebook’s outrageous decision to completely ban all links to VeteransToday articles—and to remove all past posts (millions of them) is because of Zuckerbergs and his Israeli handlers trying to suppress VeteransToday’s exposé of the Syrian chemical weapons false flag. Link to article:

Nevertheless, despite Zionists best effort to suppress the truth, in regards to Syria, for benefit of their acolyte the Saudi regime, the truth about the false nature of the false attacks is breaking out. Even renowned journalist Robert Fisk is writing about it.

Please, remember that after a disinformation is exposed, some misinformation agents step in to smudge the truth. In this case, as the Syrian "Chemical Attack" story started to become revealed to have been false, i.e. a hoax, and dis-information, then the mis-information agents set in to say that maybe the terrorists had done the attack, as a false-flag, as it was proven to be the case in the past.

This lie, "Syrian chem attack," was supposed to enable the Zionist-Imperialists to finish Syria, a job their Saudi client has thus far failed to do, with its supply of terrorist armies. The imperialists' strike on Syria was to be a life saving effort to preserve the House of Saud that is a project of the British empire.

The Saudi regime is getting to look more like Saddam, as its projects for the empire fail, one after one, and the House of Saud becomes a useless tool. We know what happened to Saddam, when he was defeated by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary forces, in the war he had imposed on Iran, on behalf of the empire.

As regional struggle for freedom and independence from colonialism and imperialist domination grows stronger, more Muslims awaken from the Wahabbi mind control, that was fabricated to serve the AngloZionist imperialists' agenda. Wahabbism is NOT Sunnism, and the Sunnis that believe it is have been duped. The coming struggle is not going to be between Shia and Sunni, as the Zionist-Imperialist media propagate, but between Muslims that want freedom from colonialism and imperialist domination and the likes of Saudi-Wahabbis that are its agents.

Nevertheless, here, in this article, we will keep the focus on the recent hoax/false-flag claims of attributing chemical attacks to Syrian State and President Assad that set the stage for U.S.-U.K.-French attacks on Syria. The attacks were planned to bring down Syria, however due to strength of the Resistance that includes Russia and Iran, the attack did not last more than an hour.

This defeat of the project to attack and overthrow the Syrian State, has created space for some of the truth, in regards to war on Syria, be revealed. As one things leads to another....

Here are some links exposing the hoax that worked as pretext to latest attack on Syria:

Furthermore, the Skirpal case in U.K. that tried to implicate Russia, for having used chemicals to kill a British spy, is also proving to have been a hoax, if not a false-flag. It seems that case was to prepare the minds of the people for this case, and to set the stage for attack on Syria by Zionism-Imperialism.

Nevertheless, the U.S.-U.K.-French attack on Syria did not last more than an hour after the Zionist-Imperialist forces realized how strong their opponent, the Resistance, is and had to end their war, in an hour.

This defeat of imperialists is forcing the truth out. And, the "War On Terror" is sitting on a mountain of lies, deceits, false-flags, and hoaxes. Thus, the Zionist-Imperialists that kicked off this war via their false-flag monument of 9/11, should be expected to become more vulnerable than ever; As, more people awaken.

May the Truth set your mind free.
May you have the courage to see the Truth.
May you find patience with the Truth.
May you discern both Dis-information and Mis-information.

Here are a couple of links to additional articles from Veterans Today (follow them daily)

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