Syrian rebellion and Bangladesh

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Many have been unsure of the Syrian war that they have rebelled against the government. We will actually try to understand why they have rebelled, and what is the main reason behind the rebellion they got after the rebellion?

The Syrian people were busy with the world. Damascus was the party palace. Secular Nusariyas were tortured by Islamist groups many years ago. Instead of Allah's provision, they were imposing their own fierce kufr and shirk. The people had no feeling, because they were busy entertaining easy, they were poor in achieving the world.

Tagut killed his son yesterday, took her daughter, you were silent because your son is safe. Remember the next victim you Your son will also be killed, your daughter will also be taken away. Your family will also be attacked. What do you do when you fall behind the wall? One time in Syria, the back of the wall was pushed. People have not rebelled happily, they have been put to death. For example, when the innocent army did not attack the Bangalis, the Bengalis would never have got the courage to revolt in that way.

Suddenly one day the backs will be on the wall. But you have no preparation. You did not have the fame of Allah that he had asked to go to Idlah. There is no qualification for your mental health in any aspect. In the meantime the rebellion started, because there was talk of rebellion. Bangladesh is not yet, but it will be. We will fall in the same way, and will blame if we revolt against the government. But the original fault was Wahhan. The fact that we believe in religion is the result of being fully satisfied with the fulfillment of religion. But for the day of danger we should have been saved. You do not understand the politics, you do not understand the principle of taqfi, who can not be killed, who can not be killed, why do not you go, you do not understand them, and you do not like their discussions. Prior to Qatlal, the knowledge of matters related to Katlal and mental and physical preparation for Katlalah includes all of Eidad. If you do not want to be present today, you will appear before or tomorrow. What are we preparing?


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