We All Need To Unite Against War In Syria, Regardless Of Ideology

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Last night Fox's Tucker Carlson did what may have been the most amazing thing that has ever happened on American television. As the drums of war beat louder than they have in years, Carlson stared right into the camera and did the exact opposite of what every mainstream US pundit is doing right now: he told the truth.

He told the truth about Syria. He told the truth about Yemen. He told the truth about the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma. He told the truth about the bipartisan war machine which drops all pretense of opposition the instant it's time for bloodshed. He told the truth about what war is, what it costs, and what it does to our world.

He stood in stark, unequivocal opposition to the trajectory the Trump administration appears to be moving along. And he did it on Fox News.

I have a deep and abiding hatred in my heart for Fox News and all things Murdoch. I will never forget nor forgive the key role the Murdoch press played in deceiving our world into the unimaginable evil that was the Iraq invasion. But if I'd held a reflexive rejection of anything with the Fox News logo in the corner, I never would have seen Carlson's epic monologue, never would have shared it with my social media following, never would have embedded it in this article, and this bright flash of truth would have been diminished by that much in the impact it was able to have on public consciousness.

And I know that there are many leftists who declined to help spread awareness of that Carlson monologue based solely on the fact that he's a conservative pundit on a conservative network who has said things they disagree with in the past. This is stupid. We should be able to throw any weapon at all at the war machine, not fight with one hand tied behind our backs just because we don't like conservatives.

Check out the comments from my lefty followers when I shared the clip. Look how astonished they were to hear a clear voice on this issue coming from the right. Being willing to share useful weapons against the war machine lets in that much more light. Why would we want to deprive ourselves of such weapons in a fight to oppose what could very well end up being a third and final world war? If someone from an opposing ideology organizes an anti-war march or puts together a video debunking a war narrative, why deliberately halve its influence and impact at such a crucial time?

I always get raked over the coals when I say this, but god dammit I'm right: when it comes to important issues where our interests converge, we need to be absolutely shameless about collaborating with people on either side of the ideological divide.

Gateway Pundit's Cassandra Fairbanks and I stand on opposite ends of the political spectrum on many issues, but when it comes to crucial matters like this we are in total agreement. I reached out to her for comment when I saw her making the same argument I'm making here from the other side of the divide, urging her conservative followers to be willing to collaborate with leftists against this war.

Fairbanks provided the following statement:

"We can squabble all we want about domestic policy, but none of that will even matter if nations with nuclear capabilities decide to flex their power. The establishment Democrats and Republicans in DC have already united to make this a potential reality. If the anti-establishment right and left don’t, temporarily, do the same to loudly oppose this then we are as guilty as they will be. We have to remember that our friends and neighbors, people we interact with every day, have different political ideologies. The people on Twitter and at protests are those same people. I really hope for a momentary ceasefire in our Twitter wars to prevent a real one."

I agree with and co-sign every word of this.

Whenever I bring this up I get lefty echo chamber cultists shrieking at me that people like Fairbanks are alt-right/Nazis (which is absurd and ridiculous) and saying that the left and right don't need to work together on any issue at all; that the left can just do its own separate, fully segregated thing on its own side of the divide while any anti-war right wingers can do their thing far away somewhere else.

Which of course is brilliant: let's divide ourselves up into echo chambers where we are completely isolated from anyone who disagrees with us about anything, and launch our protests against World War Three from in there. And let's be honest, these people won't just stop at cutting off conservatives; most of them will cut off leftists like myself who are open to interacting with them as well. They'll wedge out anyone who doesn't have the correct opinions about Bernie Sanders, about trans issues and sex workers, about this or that conspiracy theory, about DemExiting vs DemEntering, until they're all fragmented up into little impotent sects with no hope of ever launching any of their ideas into mainstream consciousness. Nobody does vitriolic sectarianism like the left.

For that reason we also need to stop attacking each other. People keep telling me I need to denounce Glenn Greenwald for advancing the mainstream narrative about chemical weapons and Bashar al-Assad, despite the fact that he's been consistently and aggressively opposed to western interventionism in Syria. We don't have that kind of luxury, people. We don't have the luxury of rejecting anyone who's willing to stand against the war machine, let alone a fellow leftist with a large and influential voice. We need all the help we can get.

I stand with anyone who will oppose the assault on Syria, a nation long targeted for regime change due to its resources, strategic location, and the ambitious agendas of its leader, as well as its refusal to bow before Israel in its border dispute over the illegally occupied Golan Heights.

I don't care if you oppose a war while still believing the fairy tale that Assad is a baby-gassing Dracula. I don't care if you only oppose interventionism because it will allow jihadists to eliminate the nation's Christians and exacerbate the refugee crisis. I don't care if you only oppose war in Syria because you hate anything Trump does. As long as you oppose this attack on an already brutalized nation which could lead to a third and final world war, we're on the same side on this issue, and I'll proudly fight the war machine shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

This obviously doesn't mean compromising on our values one iota or abandoning our ideological principles. It just means when Tucker Carlson delivers a lucid anti-war monologue, we help it go viral. It means if Cassandra Fairbanks helps organize an anti-war demonstration, we go and add our voice to it. We can still work to advance all the other important issues that we are passionate about while working side-by-side against this one world-endangering threat.

The culture war games were fun for a while, but playtime's over. We are staring down the barrel of events which could lead to a direct military confrontation between NATO forces and Russia and its allies; you don't get any more points if you can "trigger the libs" or make a viral tweet mocking a conservative pundit. It's time to grow up now. Let's do this thing.

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A massive congratulations to Tucker Carlson for having the journalistic integrity, to ask the right questions and for having a sensible and rational approach, to the events and claims made in the past 48 hours. It's a huge big deal for a journalist in the mainstream to approach the situation in this way.

Something is definitely rotten in Denmark

In case you needed proof of that

so, this is not just a warcrime, it's a Lockheed marketing for their missiles.

these people are sick

As a Brit and an outsider I am fascinated by the American political world. What really do the majority of American people think about this dramatic direct intervention?

coz it's so different across the pond;)

Boris what a shuffling baboon!

If only he was the only one;(

This war has gone on for way too long.

MIC is preparing another war based on lies (like Irak) to stop growing dominance of asian powers thereby riscing a nuclear warfare.

Where are the Peace Movements? Way Back in the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties you had these movements everywhere. Are they since then on Soros' payroll, together with the likes of Amnesty, MSF, Human Rights blablabla, Unicef, etc?

God damn it she's right ! <3 We need to pick any allies we can get on key issues like opposing war.
Too many people love to keep their sand lines deep and never cross them, but when someone is right - they are right, even if you disagree with them for the rest of the time.
I'm not sure a line in the sand will survive a nuclear fireball anyway...

"Line in the glass"... If only there were some poets around.

just reading the comments on twitter and many leftists seem to be confused that tucker is opposing the war. This is what tribalism causes. We do no longer really listen to what the "opponent" says. We separate into echo chambers where we demonise everyone on the outside. You can only hate what you dont know.

Not claiming at all that only the left does that. Great to see that some of these walls between us are broken down over this.

A glimmer of hope perhaps, coming from London of all places???


What unites us must always be more important than what divides us. The only division that is beneficial is that unselfish people must separate from selfish people. Selfishness ruins everything, including community, including this platform.

We cannot really do anything about Syria; whatever is going to happen is going to happen within hours and days. But we can focus on uniting and on empowering ordinary people so that ordinary people can again control this renegade Deep State Plutocracy that mines money with blood.

Tucker Carlson has come along way in the last 6 years. We should always been concerned when establishment left and right get together on a war. It is what happened with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trump has so many problems he should withdraw from Syria and fix things at home. Let an international coalition do a peaceful investigation and unmask who really did the attack. Definitely not the time to bomb first and ask questions later.

Trump SUCKS.

Sick of the lies, sick of the war.

Um I'll just leave this here,

Nobody does vitriolic sectarianism like the left.

This. I told my friends before the primaries in the last presidential election that Trump would be our next president, and they said he was a joke. I said that Sanders didn't have the broad-base support or establishment friends Clinton did, so he couldn't beat her. That being the case, she would be the Dem candidate, and the right would surely unite against her.

If there is one thing that conservatives have mastered that libs and leftists haven't, it is the ability to unite in the face of differing opinions and use their strength in numbers. Ironically, libs and leftists fracture in the face of difference.

Interesting search results, depends which pil you take. 16 year plan to destroy america

Shared via Bing Search

And there was also a long-term plan to destroy the Middle East. The only country left on the list is Iran.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Think it's detailed in the new American century video. the were 3 seems like Nk, Syria, Iran. None have rothschilds centralized banks. Russia kicked them out long ago, and they came take trump down without destroying their own system, they screwed up when tried take him out back when recession hit ands they tried bankrupt him

Hey that’s my friend Cassandra’s tweet 👍👍👍

i hate war...

well written article! excellent points you are making THANK YOU

Are we going to once again sit back and what a bunch of rich politicians attack a sovereign country for their own gains, based on totally made up nonsense. The US the EU and UK make me sick with their war mongering and in step decisions. With the EU and the UK unable create their own foreign policy, whilst just doing the bidding of the war country America.

With a total lack of disregard for truth and honesty and backed up by the corporate mainstream media, who are NEVER held to account. They may beat the war drums but not in my name. How we ever allowed them to get to the positions they are in is beyond me.

There already is war in Syria and there has been war since 7 years. All your war opposing is just virtue signalling and accomplishes nothing to stop the war in Syria.

infowars has been against the strike too.


With virtually no debate we'll be dragged into ww3 for problems that are significantly petty to the problems here at home with the police state. Without any debate the millennial will soon be drafted and sent off overseas for war.

This is how republicans will lose Elections, one hell of a way to drain half of the swamp.

Interesting how Iran keeps finding itself in this Syria/Russia talk. Iran is John Bolton's focus, it is his desire to invade Iran.

I just came across your post today and I'd like to thank-you so much for such a great example of true journalism. To bad the re-steem of your post is no longer available/possible otherwise I would have done it right away. I clicked the follow button so from now on I won't miss any of your posts. Great work!

Fully agree, we should all stand against this war and do our best to end it.

On a side note I had to smile a few times by the complications of separating ourselves in left vs right and the problems that it brings. I am an individual. I will support what I find good and do it with whoever is willing to cooperate. The only condition is that these people do not attempt to use violence against me. So happy I stepped out of that madness and tribalism.

The main problem is...CpZWLZBVMAIFwn-.jpg

no more war

At least a journalist who speak the truth.
Most of his mainstream medias' colleagues are a bunch of mother fakers.

People are scared. They are scared of what establishment propaganda is pounding into their head. They are scared over issues that they are used to discuss freely in their respective ideology. You could get people into the street demonstrating for/against gun rights, abortion, gender issues. The real big issues such as war and peace only make the masses mildly interested. Its entertainment not politics.

What the plutocracy is covering up is always the same things. Their wars, how their political power really works, and why they do it, how they gain their wealth and control the economy. More shortly they cover up the how of their power and wealth. Its even obscure who really is in power.

When the war drum is needed its been just amazing for a century or more how easy it is to make war happen. They seem to be in total control. Fear is awakened only for minor controllable issues, for false flags or even for dissent itself.

I agree - excellent article this isn't about left and right it is about not snarling ourselves up in a frankly erratic situation that may result in god knows what.

Perhaps more mainstream media employees will now have more courage to share the truth. This is phenomenally written! Upvoted & Resteemed!

I just posted the same Tucker vid. Sorry but the news must be spread :).

Even if I don't even have FoxNews where I live, I remember well the role they played in the run-up to the Iraq war, as I was working as a journalist back then. Like when they were saying that those that are against war are free to protest in their own backyards... so what you describe is surprising.
As surprising as the speed we went from getting out of Syria to let's bomb the hell out of them. As I wrote yesterday, I didn't see that coming, I don't know how many did - and that's a big mistake, underestimating the enemy.

this swirling eddy of "team-ism" is drawing us further and further away from rationality ... the truth is the truth ... regardless of who is stating it ... each of us should be able to employ our own intellectual and logical capabilities to decide if information is fact-based and reliable ...

content source may have once been more significant than it is now .. because presently too many once-reliable sources have been turned on their heads ... for whatever reasons ...

sharing the truth is of paramount importance ... it should be remembered that even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn ... and even a broken clock is right two times every day ...

now more than ever, it is critically important to use facts as our north star ... there are persistent energies being expended to shape our understandings away from facts ...

listening to fox's tucker carlson, or msnbc's rachel maddow, or cnn's jake tapper should have us intent on the close scrutiny of facts ... we need to make up our own minds, rather than to be led to any faulty, misguided conclusions that are fed to us ...

in this, carlson is presenting the truth ... we should listen ... rather than to diminish it because the source is not on a "team" we feel affiliated with ...

Perhaps more mainstream media employees will now have more courage to share the truth. This is phenomenally written! Upvoted & Resteemed!

“When your enemy is nearly defeated and final victory is at hand, gas your own people so that nations greater than yours will intervene and destroy you.”
— Sun Tzu Trump, Art of the Smear