Reality Check: No Sarin Gas Used by Assad in Syria?

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The U.S. is intensifying action in Syria by the day. But why? Candidate Trump said he would stay of out Syria because he warned that ISIS and Al Qaeda would take over and yet President Trump is taking the very steps he warned that Hillary Clinton would take. All of it, with no evidence that the Assad government has used Sarin gas after all. This is a Reality Check you won't see anywhere else.

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there's a weapon of mass destruction in iraq, we should invade their country, after the devastation, oh! i'm sorry sadam for invading your country, i thought there are weapon of mass destruction in your country.

Ben Swann you are the best!! Please keep doing GODS WORK!!!

Yeah it's definitely disappointing to see Trump change from his position of non-interventionism, anyone with a BS meter that isn't broken should have been able to see that this narrative that Assad used Sarin gas on his own people for no reason, just to get the UN breathing down his neck again was complete BS.

Thank God for Ben Swann and Dash!! Keep up the great work!

war is a feature of man and they will never end until there is more than one person on this planet

Thank you for this. I'm anti-war, and any help getting this message out is appreciated. Hands off Syria!

Same here, I've been speaking out against wars in Syria for a decade on my YT channel. Any help getting this message amplified is hugely appreciated! Thanks Ben!

Next you are going to tell me that there weren't any WMD's in Iraq!

President Assad's approval rating in Syria is significantly higher than President Trump's approval rating in America. President Assad has no incentive to harm his own people.

The American presence is aiding dissent and rebellion towards a legitimate government. As we see with all the complaints about Russia interfering in an American election, Americans do not want any outside government interfering in its government affairs, despite all the human rights abuses that take place in America.

Russia has helped President Assad deal with the ISIS problem better than any other country, including America. America needs to get out of Syria immediately, as the Syrian people do not want them there. Then President Assad and his allies can effectively raise the Syrian people to a normal, healthy, safe, and prosperous lifestyle. The Syrian people deserve it.

It always tough to find the reality where America is involved.If trump administration think they need to prove that asad government used sarin gas on people,then you can't deny it.Remember Iraq war.In the name of chemical weapon they killed directly or indirectly 1.5 million people.Now syria war is a crucial issue for America its about their existence in middle east.Lets see what kinds of drama they play this time.Can any one answer me one question before this war in Iraq,Lybia,Syria was their people in better condition than now?Who wanted this war,why they wanted this war?I think every body knows the answer.Thank's for the post.@RESTEEMED

I didn't want this war or the one before or the one before. It's about money for corrupt corporations and government agencies & all their minions. I wish I could stop it, but my votes get stolen and my representatives are bought and paid for. I feel like I should apologize to the world, but this stuff is not my choice.

Thank's for your reply.But just think if all the american raise their voice against war then how can the government get involve in any war?You the tax payers are going to decide that you want any more blood or not.Like you all other American have to realize what is going on.

Lol! We do not live in a democracy. We are a fascist corporatocracy with the news being full-on brainwashing propaganda that most people here ridicule. Do you know what they did to Ben Swann for reporting the truth? Some people get killed for that. Still we do our best to educate our fellow countrymen. With death threats. Have a great day.

What is all the noise about chemical weapons, they are just a consequence of the problem, we should in reality be more upset about the fact that normal weapons, bombs, grenades etc. have already killed tens or hundreds of thousands of people in Syria, the problem isn't chemical weapons the problem is war, and I think even the Syrians don't know what the war is all about.

You are right thank you. Just follow me bro

The point is that chemical weapons were ground for toppling Assad. (Get the US population outraged enough so they give their consent)

Thanks for your research, glad you're on d-tube!

Politicians never keep all promises.

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Thanks for fighting the good fight Ben!

Yes, I wonder whether the Syrian thing was a show of force to the Chinese by the Trump admin. I like Trump, but not on everything. I am thankful Hillary did not get in power. .---- Thanks to Dash and Dtube!

Good material right here. Nice work.

Ben Swann back to kicking ass and taking names I see, good to see you back brother.

Excelent info!

Tons of government propaganda out there always trying to justify military interaction because after all, there is a lot of money to be made from war!

To add to that, now that Trump is president and not a candidate, it should be clear that the military runs the show! Presidents are puppets, nothing more. When you are a candidate, you can say what you believe; when you are president, you say what the military and the shadow government expect you to say or else!

Even if Trump came into office with good intentions for keeping us out of more foreign conflict, the military industrial complex is just too powerful for one man to override. Unfortunately, no matter who we have in office, these meaningless wars will continue and our soldiers will be sacrificed for the interest of the international Zionist bankers. Outstanding research Ben Swann!

War should NOT exist. Million of people dying.


War has existed for thousands of years at the very least. Tribes and cultures fight. Look at history on any of the inhabited continents.

glad to see you back Ben.

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Wow that's really interesting subject.. thank you

No Sarin gas... No chemical weapons.... same story that the BBC tried to sell in 2012 and 2014.... and yet..... Turkey just used chemical weapons on the Kurds in Syria and no one is saying a thing about it. Interesting.

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See the mainstream business media jumping in the encrypted train is very cool!

Ben Swann is paid by DASH atm. So distributed self-governing organizations are funding him to continue to spread the truth. So god damn cool ...

Not to mention that he is winning STEEM and putting his content on the review database.

This is not the future ha ha ha

Yup, as Ben rightly states, this more expensive production format draws more attention. Dash has enabled Ben to have a team and produce, and STEEM/Dtube enables a platform where we can view, and tip. I had YT censoring one of my videos yesterday. Google/YT have been evil for long enough, but they are just starting to go for the jugular.

Time to spam the shit out of Censortube, Facebook, Twitter and the other deep state media, and get people here!

Ben, I suggest that you generally post your videos here first and then some day later on Youtube (unless it's urgent news). And add homepage/Dtube on the screen under "Ben Swann Investigative Journalist".

Thanks for bringing us the REAL news!

I just saw some of the updates earlier on RT news. I just heard Trump saying that the US was going to leave during his CPAC speech but the US government has other ideas. Looks like they want to keep the civil war going and turn it into an Iraq. I hope that doesn't happen, the refugees really need to go home and start rebuilding.

I now one thing for sure , the answer against war ... can't be possible more war...

@benswann well at least YouTube won't have the opportunity to silence Ben here........Keep bringing the TRUTH

Was introduced to you via Josh Sigurdson's "We Found Ben," video, lol, so I had to swing by. Good stuff. Great to see you decided to join. I think you will fit right in, welcome. I will appreciate your insights, thank you for what you do.

MSM black lists independent journalists whom actually go to Syria and do journalism. Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley have constantly called out western media on their blatant lies on the Assad Régime.

The corporate mainstream media outlets are lying to you on the ongoing battle for East Ghouta.
"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!" design (35).jpg

Nikki Haley was back at the UN today accusing Assad of using chemical weapons. She said the US would act unilaterally. It makes me sad to hear Trump say that. Trump said the opposite when he was campaigning.

Apparently Trump was not convinced by the Skripal chemical poisoning and so how can he possibly be convinced of this chemical attack when all we have is the word of the White Helmets who have their own agenda??

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