Why Israel Wants the US to Attack Syria

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Most neutral observers now know that the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria was definitely a false flag. Uli Gack, a reporter with the German ZDF public broadcaster has stated: “People told us in a very convincing manner that this whole story was staged…according to the locals, the militants brought canisters containing chlorine to the area and actually waited for the Syrian Air Force to bomb the place, which was of particular interest for them.”

Therefore, some external forces with the resources - including satellites - to predict where the Syrian airforce is likely to attack, share this information with the militants, who then hurriedly set-up the chemicals, and probably convince(or force) the locals to seek shelter there. This means that innocent men, women and children are sacrificed by the militants in order to try to force the hand of Western leaders to attack Syria, and possibly start World War 3(WW3).

In terms of a possible motive to use chemical weapons, the Syria government has none. Its winning the war. Why would they want to sabotage themselves? That just doesn’t make any sense. The militants have the motive, but they do not possess the resources to predict where the airforce is likely to attack. Israel has the motive and the resources to predict where the false flag will most likely succeed.

Israel Motives

The motive is not about conquering Syria, not even as a step towards attacking Iran. Israel’s motives in coordinating false flag attacks in Syria are much more sinister. The biggest problem Israel is facing at the moment is that more people around the world have started realising that there is something very wrong with the (elite)Jew.

Many people have discovered that the mainstream media(msm)is almost wholly owned by Jews, and is always advocating for issues that are anti-Gentile, like endless wars, destabilisation of otherwise stable countries, and uncontrolled immigration. A lot of gentiles have also noticed that companies that surreptitiously abuse peoples’ privacy, and summarily bans users, or discriminates against users based on differences in politics, are Jewish owned.

Many people are waking up and discovering that there seems to be a very close relationship between politicians, msm, and Jewish elite/Israel, with the people’s representatives assuming a subservient role to the latter.

If most people wake up to this reality, then the Jewish elite will be in serious trouble. They have no choice but to instigate WW3. The elite have well-stocked bunkers they can hide safely for years as the earth recovers from a nuclear catastrophe. As for the ordinary Jew and all Gentiles, we are all dispensable.

Intelligence Agencies

Of course, all Jews do not think the same, but at least 99% of Jews will do what is demanded of them by the Jewish elite, whether the action is right or wrong, ethical or unethical, as long as they won’t be found out. Consequently, a Jew working in a government agency outside Israel, including in intelligence agencies or the military, will willingly share the most guarded state secrets with the Mossad and other elite Jewish agencies.

Therefore, a Jew working for the CIA or MI6 is in essence, ipso facto, a Mossad agent embedded within those agencies. Apart from sharing Western government secrets with Israel, these Jews also spy on their gentile colleagues, and report to their Israeli handlers those agents who are not pro-Jewish enough, or who are not Israel-firsters.

An agent so reported as not being pro-Jewish enough is then made aware of available opportunities outside the agency that are too good to refuse. If he insists that he believes he would serve his country better by staying on in the agency, then he might be set up and accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment. And if that does not work, he would eventually commit suicide by shooting himself twice on the back of the head.

The end result of all these underground shenanigans is that the agencies in the West that should be protecting the people from external threats, are actually only serving the interests of Israel. Unfortunately, Israel/Jewish interests are diametrically opposite of gentile interests.

  1. Jews want the West flooded with illegal immigrants. No gentile would want to either become a refugee, or to have their country flooded by refugees.

  2. Jews want one global government, led by Jews and headquartered in Jerusalem. Gentiles want to live in their own countries where they are free to choose governments of their choice.

  3. Elite Jews want WW3. Gentiles want a world free from war.

The Start of WW3

Not too long ago, the msm pushed hard the propaganda that North Korea was just about to attack the US with a ballistic missile. The plan was probably to have some false flag attack on the US, so that the world’s 3 powers - US, Russia and China - would eventually be drawn into a conflict. The claim was so ridiculous that they eventually had to look for a more ‘authentic’ alternative.

A few months ago, Saudi Arabia was incited and almost provoked Iran into a proxy war. Such a war would have very easily drawn in the US and Russia - WW3.

Luckily, events after Syria’s Douma false flag attack did not escalate.

Currently, there are plenty of military vessels around eastern Mediterranean. What would happen if Israel sunk one of the West’s ships or subs, and leave all ‘evidence’ pointing towards Russia?

All Western ’intelligence’ will point to Russia as the culprit. President Trump will face a fait accompli: Either resign, or start WW3. Either way, the Jewish elite would have won.

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