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Part 4 of my four part series of the summarization, with permission, of @clarityofsignal’s compilation of data concerning the White Helmets. This segment begins at 37:00. All photo images are excerpts from the video.

The complete video can be viewed here: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b5a_1490533325&comments=1#WU77fwsk7e34lIu4.99

The segment begins with "moderate" reporter for the White Helmets Bilal Abdul Kareem interviewing ISIS leader Al Baghdadi about the declaration for arming rebels.

Previously, the US media had stated across the board that over half a million people were being bombed by Russian and Syrian armed forces in Aleppo. They never cited the fact that three quarters of the Aleppo city population were safely living in government controlled areas.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now went on record stating that over 100,000 children were trapped inside east Aleppo. However, videos of the liberation evacuation of the terrorist sieged East Aleppo district showed that less than 40,000 people total were actually inhabiting the district, of which approximately 5,000 were jihadist group affiliated. Those groups, including the White Helmets, had been holding civilian families hostage and killing people who tried to escape. Post-liberation eye-witness testimonies recorded that the White Helmets only provided first aid to the terrorist groups. And within the districts controlled by the terror groups, they were simply referred to as the medics for the Al Nusra front.

Democracy Now presents footage of the White Helmets rescuing a child from rubble.

Ken Roth of the Soros funded Human Rights Watch has also appeared regularly on Democracy Now providing inaccurate information about Russia and the Syrian and Ukranian wars."

CNN gave Al Nusra front air time to politely explain their name change.

"Yes, Al Nusra was originally a part of Al Qaeda. We reported to their central command, we worked within their framework, we adhered to their policies. But we did enjoy a very significant autonomy and our scope was completely local." - Al Nusra rebel fighter to CNN

The White Helmets have played the largest propaganda role in the western media deceptive narratives designed for the overthrow of Syria. Even though the White Helmets profess to be unaffiliated with any governments, the US, UK, French, and Japanese governments have admitted providing them over $100,000,000 in exclusive funding. This begs the question - where did the taxpayers' money go, as there is very little evidence that this money has gone to anything other than thousands of uniforms and a vast deceptive propaganda effort. It's much more plausible that the money was spent on weapons that were supplied to the terror groups that make up the FSA, the Free Syrian Army.

After the liberation of Aleppo, the White Helmets headquarters were found to be unoccupied and covered with Al Nusra front weapons, paraphernalia, and documentation.

Considering East Aleppo has been without electricity, internet, and phone service since 2014, one is left to wonder how the White Helmet videos were being edited and uploaded in the destroyed city. There is good reason to believe that many of the videos were actually made in locations other than Aleppo, quite possibly in another country.

The director of the White Helmets documentary is on record stating that he never traveled to Aleppo and instead had the White Helmets come to his location in Turkiye.

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