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Syphon filter are games that circle around conspiracies and action. The player has to help the protagonists to uncover what is happening while they go through levels filled with action and enemies but also stealth too. The games are for Playstation and Playstation 2, but they can be played with emulators. The levels are very interesting and diverse and include mountains, military bases, prisons, parking garages, laboratories, trains and many other things.

In Syphon filter 2, the story starts with the protagonist parachuting on a mountain where there is snow and fighting between his team of special forces and some attackers. The players need to execute the terrorists and proceed to collect some weapons and regroup with other soldiers.

However, one of the main protagonists, Gabriel Logan is soon betrayed and with the help of few of his friends, he needs to find out what is happening. The story is complex and Gabriel goes on a mission after mission to reveal who is behind the scenes and who set him up.

Syphon filter missions

In one mission, he needs to jump on one of the last cars on a moving train. After that, he needs to reach one of the first cars and he goes on top of the cars, from one to the next while killing terrorist.

Another mission is in a laboratory. This requires more stealth because Gabriel doesn’t have many of his weapons, the enemies can alarm other enemies and also there are people in full body armor suits, which are very hard to kill with bullets. He can kill them by using grenades.

In another mission, his friend Lian Xing has to infiltrate a prison. She can hear the guards talking while she is hiding in the dark corners of the prison corridors. The mission is very intense and dramatic.

If you want to read more about this series, then read on this link:


This was one of the best games on PSX...

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