Earn $AMP cryptocoin using WILDSPARK from Synereo !

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So have you heard WildSpark? This is the most awaited business model of the crypto coin $AMP from Synereo. At first I thought it is a competitor of Steemit. But it's not. They are totally different. So I signed up few weeks ago, and luckily I got an invitation to use their Beta.

If we earn $STEEM and $SBD in Steemit thru blogging. In WildSpark you will earn the crypto coin $AMP by just sharing a video, or a content. Heres how Wildspark work:

The program is currently in Beta, but in order to use Wildspark:

1.) You need to request an invitation from http://www.wildspark.me/

2.) Next register using your verified Google email account. Once accepted, follow the instruction from their email.

3.) You need to install their Chrome extension that allows you to curate the content you want to share.

Currently Wildspark triggers Youtube videos. So everytime you watch Youtube videos, the plugin displays a Wildspark icon
amp1.jpg .

Clicking the icon will show you a popup window that will ask you how much you want to AMP the media. Then it will give you a shareable link from Wildspark.

Heres the actual link generated from the screenshot , check out the link. http://go.wildspark.me/4jhfx

Yeah, I invested 0.01AMP from that video. But the concept of Wildspark is like investing $SBD with @randowhale or buying whaleshare, you invest $SBD but in return you got whale vote. You invested AMP but you will get more when others reAMP that link thru curation.

If you like this post of mine, upvote and join with me on Wildspark!

Have a nice day!


Interesting concept. Did you create your account with wildspark?
Curious to know your experience.

Hi yehey yes i created an account. I havent earn yet the Wildspark program has just launched 2days ago.

I haven't visited them, too busy here at steemit.com

signed up for the Beta, let's look if i will be chosen to contribute =)

Nice dude! Just use a GOogle verified account and you will be approved in no time :)

I have a lot in my hands at the moment so I will pass this one.

Lols have a niceday sis

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At first i though it was kind of like but i was wrong, seems like this is legit though i saw payment proof from my friend, Wanna try this one.

I must be doing it wrong

You can also earn with airdrops: https://crypto-airdrops.de

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