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Spirited away offers us a wonderful view of what happens in between two stages of life, the chaos and trial of transition. We explore the banquet of symbolism presented to us by the director Miyazaki.

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I love where this is going. Keep them coming!

Nice Informative movie sharing at the end of 2017.
Wish you a happy new yea.

wow post

Cada día es bueno aprender cosas nuevas

whoa, deep topic/// great movie, just noticed a poster for it the other day at Barnes and Nobles (-:

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greaaat post very nice

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I agree with most of the analysis, but it's not improper to gave a feminine character bravery or a piece of masculinity as in the case of chihiro and moana mentioned in the video. Gone are the days when movies and animes generically portrayed only masculine characters with brevity. Realistically, there are courageous ladies out there and it's not wrong for movies and animes to mimic the real world

wow! this post is very amazing..wonderful of luck..

Great post bro ^^

Lovely post dear

Miyazaki is simply amazing. Outside of simbolism his movies move trough trough a beautifull realm of imagination.

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I must be sincerely stupid. I literally understood none of that. :)

Spirited Away is my favorite anime ever!
Interesting analysis. Still, I am not sure if Miyazaki intended all the symbolism you describe. Imho, some of it is intrinsic to human nature and will naturally show in stories like the one of Chihiro...