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So, I got the testcutting video edited and here it is.

I had 3 cartons , one milk one yoghurt and one juice. So i filled them with water and did a few normal cuts fro the shoulder.
Usually a testcutting session (if it is the skill of the person that is being tested) is about trying out different cuts, but since I am fairly new to this, and had only a few cartons, I decided to just make a few cuts from the second ward, according to I:33.
for those of you not familiar with the I:33 sword and buckler system, it is based on an original source from the middle ages that deals with how to use a sword and buckler. The second ward is cuts coming from the shoulder of your dominant side, so the right shoulder in my case. Since I was not using a buckler, i just had my left hand out of the way. sharp swords are no toys and it is surprisingly easy to hit yourself if you are not careful (No I haven't done that, and I hope I wont, but youtube is full of sword fails)

I have edited the video so all the boring parts where I am refilling the cartons is removed. I also removed a few unsuccesful hits, but I also left one or two in there. first there is one where I miss altogether and right after that I hit the plastic cap. The cut was actually succesful in the sense that both the cap rim and the lid itself was cut completely through, which proves that the sword is indeed very sharp and my edge alignment wasnt completely off.
Plastic is tough! some bullet proof wests are actually made with plastic plates, although of a higher density than milk-caps :-)
Cutting stuff up is great fun. Especially when it is like that first one where the cut off part stays in place and then slowly slides off afterwards. I am definitely going to do some more cutting. I need to have something a bit more suited for the purpose than the table. I think i will build a platform of some sort. Maybe I will try some of the other wards then.

until then.

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