May walk. Istanbul

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 Hi friends!   

Have not walked the streets and waterways of Istanbul. Today we will correct this situation.  The Marmara sea and the Bosphorus will show us their views. Let's see what may romantic Istanbul looks like. Enjoyable outings!

Dawn in contrasting Istanbul. Asian part of the city - Atasehir

The District Of Atasehir. Ornek Street

The track in the direction Atasehir - Kadikoy

High-rise buildings have grown like mushrooms in the last couple of years. On these slopes, after the last major earthquake in 1999, all the houses were destroyed.

Promenade On The Terrace. In the morning the fishermen already in the works.

Small Turkish shops are waiting on Sunday, when people Wake up and go out into the world.  Such emptiness of streets and the embankment can be observed only in the morning.

Kadikoy embankment and the building of the largest port of sea buses. There is already people in the morning bask in the sun. Before this week it was raining in Istanbul.

The old ship smokes and goes from the old port to the European part of Istanbul

Gypsies sell flowers. All flower street business in their hands

The waterfront of Kadikoy and another port in the Ottoman style. This port is the most beautiful in architecture in Kadikoy. The system in Istanbul is such that each port is responsible for its own transportation. From one port, sea buses run to Besiktas and Eminonu, for example. From another port in Uskudar, etc. On the scoreboard always indicate the direction of the ships.

The weather is just wonderful color of the sea of Marmara are beautiful!

The sea bus is a new model. It is a pity that the morning was not working café. We stocked up with food, but coffee could not drink. This is the first time I see on the ship.

Interior decoration of the sea bus. But in warm time we always sit in the fresh air.

The port in the Ottoman style. Only recently finished the restoration

Waterfront views of Istanbul from the Marmara sea

The famous Haydarpasa station (1908). Already many months is on restoration

Cargo the port of Haydarpasa


View of the Topkapi Palace. Here the junction of the Marmara sea and the Bosphorus

On the horizon feribot fun transports cargo and people from harem to Eminonu

The views of the European side of Istanbul (left) and the right is the Maiden tower

Approaching the European part and the Galata bridge in Karakoy

That's closer to the hill on which Topkapi Palace

Before us, Galata bridge and Eminonu on the left

The port of Karakoy is opposite Eminonu

Rapidly parked...

It's a Bosphorus with big, medium and small ships. View of the European part

It is in Uskudar. A large green sign on the store says that it is completely closed in a week. Year already hangs...

Square in Uskudar. Down the street in Uskudar. Minibus stop

  Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+


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The photos are beautiful and the post is excellent I loved it, I send you a hug!

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Great #photography! :)

thank you!;)