Balta - a city in the north of Odessa region

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The city of Balta is located in the north of Odessa region. It was founded in the Middle Ages. At the same time, do not forget that there were settlements of primitive people. In particular, there are parking lots that belong to the Chernyakhivsky and Tripolsky cultures. In the Middle Ages, the castle of the princes of Lubomirsky was built here. True, almost nothing was left of the estate.


The city of Balta itself is located on two banks of the Kodyma River. She divides the city into two parts. Important! Now the river is far from navigable. Earlier galleys and other river vessels could freely sail here.


It is quite attractive fishing. Many tourists come to sit on the shores of lakes formed by the waters of the Kodyma River. Here you can catch fish species such as silver carp, carp, common carp, crucian carp, rudd, roach, perch, pike and so on. In some lakes there is a bream and ruff.


Balta is famous for its market. It is not big, but it attracts with its prices. People come here from all over the Balti, Kodyma, Lyubashevsky and Podolsky districts for meat products and fish. Entrepreneurs of Kotovsk (Podolsk) try to present their goods on this trading platform.


The Pedagogical School is located and operates in Balta. Here not only the children of the Balti district study. Residents of neighboring districts and regions enter the Balta Pedagogical School. This school is quite significant in popularity. Graduates are free to enter the Higher educational institution as Odessa, Uman, and Kiev. Teachers graduate true professionals in their field.


To Balta, from Odessa, can be reached by commuter train and by bus. You can go to Podolsk, and then by bus (between Kotovsk (Podolsk) and the Baltic only 25 kilometers.


Come for a visit. There are many interesting places for outdoor activities. Natural beauty will not leave indifferent any guest of the city.

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