Why you need to explore Swixxo Exchange.

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Swixxo a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange with low fees powered by a cutting edge trading platform. The most amazing part of the exchange platform is the fact that its included steem in the trading sector. Making it easier for steemit users to trade with steem/sbd without having to pay urge amount of fees compared to other exchange platform that didn't add steem to the exchange. Buying and exchange of steem/sbd is more easier now with swixxo. Screenshot_20190326-110428.png

I just registered I was able to use to exchange, swixxo. Though, I never got to input more steem to trade but very soon I will do so, once I could convert my sbd to steem on @blocktrade. I got to realise that even sbd is also listed. Screenshot_20190326-110539.png

To know more about swixxo and how it works. Check the below link

Swixxo offers its Swixxo Crypto Asset Platform (Swixxo CAP) to users. The platform is intuitive, reliable and secure. With access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies , which we are continuously expanding, our trading application’s simplicity pleases beginner traders, and its powerful order functionalities are loved by experienced traders. We continuously enhance our platform according to our users needs.

The link is here

To read more about the post from @oracle-d here it is the link and to participate in the task in order to earn some rewards.

I know more of us are always afraid of using an exchange site because of attacker, hacker, but in swixxo your money is safe, before I could even register, I know the stress I passed through before my password could be accepted.

Beta Testers Required
The platform is relatively new, and Beta testers are required. If you a crypto trader of any level, please signup through the link


why you have to consider joining swixxo beta tester

.Free trading in beta phase.
.1 month additional free trading.
.You are entitled to 15% life-time discount on trading fees.

there is more to gain by using swixxo exchange.