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No One ever really dies as long as they took the time to leave us with fond memories


I am starting to feel a little bit out, all my friends and family are
getting married...and I don't even have a girlfriend... but I am in no
rush to get married, I am not even 20 yet! The bride and I have know
each other for many years, since we were babies.

When it came to pre-primary school, she was that girl I hated the most
I hated most girls as they were evil disgusting creatures that told nothing
but lies and were no fun at all The wedding was amazing and I wish a
happy life for my sisie. She deserves a good life

A few days later we all got together after finish wedding we were make a
plane that tomorrow you will go for a swimming for fun and time pass with
friends so next day we all together and find a swimming pool in the city at
last we find a swimming pool its conditions is not so good but this is the only
one pool in the little town

We spend a lot of time in swimming one of my friend they did't know how to
swim we forced her to jump into the water and try swimming they said i
i am not jump into the water if i jump into water i will drown we said to him we
will help you in swimming At last the jump into the water but when i jump first

I always remember my old days of my life and missed him a lot because old is gold if you like my blog click upvote and give me some support and love



and i still dont know how to swim lol

hahhaah just jump into the water and try to swim

Swimming is a very good exercise for our body. Very nice story.

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