SWIFTCASH PROPOSAL: Exchange Listing Fees

in swiftproposal •  25 days ago

In a previous proposal, I asked for 500K to fund the listing fee on Crex24 which is 0.5 BTC, I have only been able to raise 0.15 BTC at 100 sats so far which is a shame. With where the price is now, I feel as though it may take too long for us to raise the funds at 100 sats, I'm still going to try. But this proposal is just in case everything else fails. Also, we now need 0.1 BTC for Escodex because of the upcoming fork/reset.

So I'm going to ask for another 550K SWIFT just in case we have to settle these fees at 50 sats. If however we can settle at 100 sats, we can spend the remains on bounties, giveaways, etc.


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I trust the power of this community. You gonna get the remaining funds I am sure of