Joining the Community

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Joining the Community

A friend of mine and myself read only a few days ago about the SwiftCash project. After getting familiar with the story and the details, we downloaded the new wallet, but our addresses were blacklisted, because we voted for Ben. It wasn’t a well deliberated decision.
I contacted @msg768 how to get whitelisted, but we were a bit late for it, blockchain already started. He suggested us, to open a proposal and ask the community’s approval for claiming our coins.

So that’s what I’m going to do. :)

Our addresses are the following ones:



The exact amount at the time of the snapshot was: 39083,51 coins

Our Discord id’s are: szeri#0307 & bosshoss#6352

We hope for the best - thank you for your vote!

mnbudget vote-many e2db28d633d1e642378078a91c392f9b5db707a6d1f4e91338c99407dd8ee068 yes
mnbudget vote-many e2db28d633d1e642378078a91c392f9b5db707a6d1f4e91338c99407dd8ee068 no

Made some signatures to prove the ownership of the addresses above.
Message was "SwiftCash" in every cases, but I can use anything else, if someone asks me to do that.

SQCQ71MBXyjjZrMwRH7dY1cKH8DjLkn5dM - ILpmtu0Ty+46yZQUQV+YWKrqlUygUeJc574DFRAhPWL4JY5rRE6MlUkB2/GJ331A8+v6d8+pmySRiXHi1ynDH5Y=

SYJpatsY6W8KYY9r9bvZKi88vQHc6hY5wb -

SjBNemgVfbyNjx64xhYPSC5DUsTXxGznx4 -

SdDXrWkTgnBKmTzpv7EuZa9yRCzcLLRbrv -

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What do you mean by "it wasn't a well deliberated decision?" I didn't really glean that given the same circumstances you would vote differently. Need more details and more clarity on the chronology in the first paragraph.


The voting and the decision happened in a cursory way.
Before voting, we saw the promotion of the proposal, youtube marketing,
and the majority of the votes supported it... so we didn’t even look after the details.
It was a mistake.


its not a mistake, you guys voted ben as you thought it would improve the overall awareness investment and investors, prices etc of the smartcash project, but everyone is taking the ben proposal seriously including @msg768 the proposal isn't that bad or good, me and msg768 have had our conversation concerning this on telegram when i was sad that the proposal was killing the price and he even gave me more reasons to why it went that way, after the introduction of swift cash, i came to realize that ben proposal has nothing to do with smartcash dip, smart has once dipped to 0.002 and it recovered, but well what i understand was immediately BEN proposal passed, that was when the bear market hit, and you can't expect btc to go down and the others like smart not going down, so technically bear affected the price of smart not Ben's proposals. ✌️


Well, that's sure, we voted in good faith, but thinking back, we could have collected much more information regarding this case.