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So i already example who i am in the first proposal, so i will get straight into it this time around.

What good is a voting tab if it isn't easy enough to use for mass adoption.

Most of the people making masternodes or proposals don't know how and ask questions to the developers or team members busy at work; but what if that wasn't a issue.

Mass Adoption requires ease of use. This is important, because right now mostly only the technical or people who are comfortable with crypto. Most people don't care about that and just want something easy to use what isn't hard to do.
Which is what the Proposal Creator Tab will do.

It will make it so anyone can create a proposal by inputting the name url link address, etc. Once they hit the submit button at the top of the page it will most likely tell you the time it has been waiting to submit the proposal. What it displays may change but the idea will be the same. Once it has been submitted (After 6 confs depending on block speeds two blocks could be made within seconds)

It will submit the proposal to the blockchain. It will spread the proposal through every node and then after the wallet has received the proposal. It will appear in the the proposal voting tab ready for anyone to vote(Depending if the Proposal Tab doe get voted in)

Budget / Cost

This will be 120 000 Swiftcash

The tab will be built from nothing. Built by me from the ground up.


After the budget is passed in around 21 days from this post It is estimated 2 weeks to a month estimated. (Am 15 so things may come)

If anyone has ideas for it i wouldn't mind hearing it. I will use the ideas what are most practical, not jokes, and an idea what is what is functional.


Ask me on discord am @Mrmetech aka Kolby#7040 discord id 240180844130598912

Want to know about my work

Some of the Swift team or community knows me and ask the Phore team.

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