These boots are paid for walking... [Really!]

in sweatcoin •  3 months ago

[...and that's just what they'll do!]

I've been looking at all sorts of apps lately, since I've started to work with the Conscious team, who is building an app that will reward us for meditating. [Seriously!! Check it out!]

The following is an app I signed up for this morning and I have to say I really love the user experience!

Sweatcoin pays you for walking!


Just like Conscious wants to inspire you to meditate more, Sweatcoin wants you to get more active. Go outside more!

You'll earn 0.95 SWC per 1,000 steps, which you can then exchange for products and discounts in their marketplace (personally that's the part I'm less excited about because it feels like an excuse for more consumerism), but in the future apparently you will be able to turn it into cash.

Right now, to be honest, I'm not even sure they have a blockchain (SWC is not listed on, but they are mentioning blockchain in their future plans, so I guess this is still version 1.

Sign up and then forget about it

Once you've signed up, there's literally nothing else to do, though, so I'm just gonna let it count my steps in the background and accumulate some coins. And one day I'll check, surprise myself ;) and hopefully by then there'll be more options to convert those coins.

Pleasant onboarding experience

I love the look and the design, and the onboarding experience was easy and pleasant, too (though I would have liked to be told how long the onboarding process would take. It took less than 5min, but you never know. It's nice to be made aware of that beforehand.)

I also liked receiving a personal welcome from the actual team:

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 14.45.53.png

Personability is key when it comes to connecting with users and customers in our digital world, and I think Sweatcoin did a good job here.

Here is my invitation link, if you want to give it a try, too.

You will receive 0.95 SWC directly as a gift. That's 1,000 steps for free! ;)

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