How to deal with excessive sweating?

in #sweat4 years ago

First of all, sweating is completely healthy and good for you. Everyone sweats. It's how your body cools off, removes toxins, and maintains salinity in your body. So don't sweat too much about sweating.

Moreover, there are many tips and home remedies that can be used if you think you sweat too much.

1, Check with your doctor to check if you are sweating too much or if your sweating is normal.
2, Drink atleast 8 cups of water daily to stay hydrated.
3, Wear cool and comfortable clothing.
4, Stay in ventilated, cool area.

Using home remedies like baking soda, apple cider vinegar and lime are said to help.

Baking soda: Use one teaspoon of baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) mixed with water to make a paste and apply to your armpit to help with the sweating.

Adding apple cider vinegar and lime juice to lukewarm water for bathing is said to helped with excessive sweating.

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