@Swapp.app Updates: simplyfing memos, Steem / Hive -> BTC ready to go

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Hi guys, few small updates today related to using memos when transferring funds to @swapp.app.


Steem <-> Hive
Previously when the user wanted to swap Steem to Hive or Hive to Steem, he needed to use the right memo.

Now, no memo is needed for Steem <-> Hive swaps.

If you send Steem to @swapp.app, it's gonna be swapped to Hive, and when you send Hive - it's gonna be swapped to Steem. You can use empty memo in both cases.

Steem -> SBD and Hive -> HBD
If you want to swap your Steem to SBD - use memo sbd.
If you want to swap your Hive to HBD - use memo hbd.

Steem / Hive -> BTC
We've already completed few swaps directly to BTC and all is working as intended :)
To swap your Steem / Hive directly to BTC, send it to @swapp.app with memo:
btc your_btc_walled_address
For example:
btc 1GUR9r21wTt53xC7NCim3GKeES63tWTPPP

You can also encrypt your message so it's visible only to you and @swapp.app by adding # at the start of the memo:
#btc 1GUR9r21wTt53xC7NCim3GKeES63tWTPPP

The swap ratio is the same as on binance. There's a 0.7% fee for the exchange and 0.0001 BTC withdrawal fee - which is 4 times lower than on Binance and 5 times lower than on Bittrex - so pretty good deal :)

The actual ratio with a calculator is coming soon and will be available on the @swapp.app website.

BTC -> Steem / Hive is also coming but we need the website so you can receive the BTC deposit address.

Feel free to join @swapp.app discord: https://discord.gg/T6dydXy if you have any questions or need support.
See you soon!


@sianrichclub sent some sbd for steem. still waiting for the swap.

******** This is a scammer account -- note the pp in the name -- that transfers your funds to deepcrypto8. *******

Pleassssss i mistakenly sent u 1.9 sbd, please cn you send it back for me

It is a scam account.

To the attention of @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Scam alert !!!

Thanks. So my sbd is gone?... Sad 😭😢