The Swamp Is Draining Themselves, The Message Is Clear, Stay Alert - Episode 1995b

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The [DS] is holding their fake impeachment inquiry the shadows, they do not want anyone to know what is really happening, they are looking for anything so they can go after Trump. The HB and JB are in trouble, all eyes are on them. Watch CA, this is on purpose. The patriots are allowing the [DS] to drain themselves. Comey sends out a message to the [DS] operatives. The [DS] knows that they do not have much time and soon the patriots will make a move that will destroy the [DS].

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Matt Gaetz is a real American Patriot.

Thanks again, for sharing your work, Dave. Demand the Truth!

@tipu curate

Thats right, drain te swam;p and root out evil and corruption. nice blog, I continue to follow.

How long⁉️🤨🕰