Ohm Wallet Appreciation Giveaway

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Your response has been phenomenal! All of our expectations have been completely blown away. A lot of people came late to vote and were rewarded for their efforts, regardless. Our goal is to spread our message of positive thinking and currency reform to everyone that we can reach.

To that end, we're offering another giveaway. Everyone who votes will receive 50 OHM, as long as they follow these steps:

  • Upvote this post! Help us to reach more people!
  • Comment your OHM Wallet address.
  • Make a positive comment; something you've enjoyed about your day. If you would like, tell us what first drew you to OHM.
  • Resteem this post!

Don't forget to comment with your OHM Wallet address and, if you haven't upvoted our previous blogs and giveaways, go ahead and do that! It's not required, but it will be extremely helpful for us to spread the message of OHM.

Make sure you follow us as we're going to start ramping up our posting rate; we're hoping to hit 2-3 blogs per week, before long!

Thank you for your support! Stay happy and keep in touch; we wouldn't be able to make this work without you!

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All paid vote me up if you want more give aways


Did you pay everyone or just some people?



Hello there , my days are all nice and positive because of very special for me person ! Good lucky with OHM !

Today has been a good day everyone with a happy mood! Now a giveaway! :D

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Last night I watched the movie The Holy Mountain and got a very positive feedback from the secretary for it. It made my day:) I found OHM through S.V.V. and then I saw OHM dev team was great so I stayed.

Great day today, mainly due to the fact I woke up before 12pm 😋

Gave 50 Ohm away yesterday and receiving 50 today. Love a good balance. Mkk4gCoWh1fVB2XudDKy15vJNkKKpXhcvz

My day was made wonderful due to considerable advancement on an important project. I first learned of OHM through SVV.

hi, thanks for the opportunity to join this Giveaways and I hope i will get it..
I can't wait to staking it into my pc wallet. I hope OHM will rise :) Thanks


I love the concepts and ideas behind OHM. Bought 50,000 OHM, off exchange,
(from @Serenity) yesterday for LTC and got ripped off. Lesson learned!

Hehehe and thanks for the ohm

inter drew me to ohm along with chen

@pixelpopper got me into OHM and we like the whole "kindness/pay it forward" ethos and message behind it.

My day was made wonderful after hearing that we won Steem Pocalypse game by @papa-pepper, it was a wonderful journey :)

here's my ohm wallet address,

Wooohooo another great day with OHM community! Keep on going.

Thx, just got out of an exam and this has just made the day better. Thx a lot.

My day has been great due to the great interactions on Steem, and realising that even if bad stuff happens, at least I can get a post out of it!


This has been quite an exciting journey so far! Looking forward to where OHM takes me from here.



Hi, today I gave my dog a bath :) she smells so good and cuddly now!

I am new here. Nice to see these good people.

I am very happy to join, I would love to get giveaways. For my future investment

my wallet

Enjoying beautiful Kauai!!! Address:

My day has been so great.

What drew me to OHM? I will say i love cryptocurrency and OHM is the first i found to make a giveaway and people confirmed getting it since i start my race of getting crypto's

Secondly, Since i started running the wallet, there is no hour or day that i will not view my wallet and view conmarketcap to see how it has been growing high and stable in price.


Great dev team, good intentions and originality. These features make the OHM wallet project potentially a great succes in the future. In my experience these these quallities combined have always brought about succes. The dev team has been doing great work and it's important for them to keep this up. And if any of the developers are reading this, thank you for your work so far and keep up a great job, I think I am speaking for the whole community if I say that we need you to continue to be active and not give up ( like so many other crypto developers have on other altcioins). Anyway I wish you all good luck in the future. Wallet: McqFEQmG4tcNxCGZLungGqK4FomdkL9FYM

MkxVpNk6MV5JJ6P16u8rE8mMTqfGNS5imE. Calm and peaceful day.....the sun is out, the sky is blue.

What drew me to ohm was SVV and I think the opportunity for peaceful resistance to the economy is brilliant.

It's raining today and I dont plan on going out ;-)


Good luck with Ohm everyone!!!!

I found ohm by solving arg/puzzles

Thank you for this wonderful article. I really like OHM. Keep up the good work.

My wallet address is : MmTVog7xsVu1n7TqB21RFREFpfmzxmfz4F

Have you give it away yet?

MtRxaQGEry4namNExi4MUswm3rT7kSmJwx I think OHM has a great future ahead.