Life after life steemit vision quest entry

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Here's my entry for the Steemit Vision Quest #8: Life after Life.
Above is the progress video I made and here is the finished piece:

For the process everything was created in Corel Painter. I keep forgetting to record every painting session, so the video only shows half the painting being painted.

Reflecting on "Life after Life" my first thoughts were of the seed from a tree falling to the earth and growing up into another tree that creates more seeds and then more trees.
Then I was thinking about karma and the idea of your actions in one life "planting the seeds" of your next. Similar to movies "Cloud Atlas" or "The Fountain".
So I tried to combine these two ideas.
I tried to show two people fighting over multiple generations and then eventually coming to an agreement and mutual respect.
I wanted to show a positive version of this on the other side of the tree of a man and woman falling in love repeatedly in multiple generations, but I decided I wouldn't have time.
I don't know how well all this communicates in the picture, but that was my intention. I chose an oak tree and acorn because, why not :)

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I really like it! For some strange reason the vision is not playing but I will try to check it later as it seems there is some problem with Internet %(( I guess you put so many efforts in creating this and the idea with a tree and a seed is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this beautiful creation!

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Nice storytelling with this image of yours, wow. I appreciate the radiance of your acorn, and all the "life after life" that emanates from a single seed. And I like the way you extend that "seed" concept symbolically in the actions of the people here. Some actions yield negative karma while others yield positive karma, as each action comes with an equal and opposite reaction. That's my interpretation, and there's more too. So much meaning. So enjoyable seeing what you see. And of course, I'm grateful for the video you've created here, documenting your process. Thank you.

We celebrate your Creative Spirit, and we appreciate your entry in Steemit Vision Quest.

May you receive all you seek.

Yes, that's a good interpretation. Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

@sashagenji thank you! I like your entry too!